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Traditional Dance Program
Location: Klungkung and Karangasem Orphanages

Cost : AUD$3,500 per annum (including Participation in Dance Festivals)

In terms of bringing those poor young deaf souls, that we first met back in 2003 at the Klungkung Orphanage, out of their very insular lifestyle, nothing has had a more tangible impact than when, in embarking on our signature ‘Hearing Aid Programme’, we gave those children the gift of sound…… and with it, the gift of the sound of music.

Unbeknown to us at the time, one of the 
many tragic results of a child’s deafness in a very spiritual community, as are the Balinese, is that it cuts that child off from the very essence of expressing welcome watches replica rolex sky-dewller their inner spirituality…… Balinese Traditional Dance.

Once we saw the eagerness of the children to listen and dance to the traditional music they heard for the first time, in 2005/06 we launched the second of our ongoing support programs, our Traditional Dance Program.
The program has gone from strength to strength ever since and within a few years we mounted our first ‘Traditional Dance Festival’ featuring all the deaf children from both orphanages in full traditional dress.  They came together in one location and met for the
first time, and danced in front of each other for the first time.
In a day of firsts they joined in providing us, along with some of our donors and family and community spectators, with a very emotional and defining moment.  One of those memorable ‘you had to be there’ moments that will always stay with those of us privileged to witness the sheer joy and gracefulness of www.bagshopsite.com the dancers performing, performing not just for us, but for themselves and their peers.  Sheer joy!

Since then, mainly because of the strong desire of the children to participate and the calibre of the dance teachers involved, all the children can now go back to their villages and now participate with their normal hearing peers in the numerous religious festivals that are so much part of ‘essence of expressing their inner spirituality’.

Some of the participating children have since featured in regional Tradition Dance Festivals with one exceptionally talented young girl winning a national competition.

This program is a fine example of how so much can be achieved with so little.

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The objectives of this program no doubt speak for themselves and any child that comes under the wing of any of our orphanage programs is automatically offered the opportunity to participate in this ongoing Traditional Dance Programme.   Few, if any, decline.

As with all our ongoing Bikabele programs, we have duplicated our efforts and programs originating at KlungKung, at the Karangasem Orphange producing the same very tangible positive impact for all the hearing impaired children.

Continual Fundraising is required for this fundamentally important  programme to continue in both orphanages.

Funds raised for this programme are used 100% without deduction towards the following:

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•    Monthly wages for traditional dance teachers for weekly dance classes.
•    Costs of incidental needs for music and equipment maintenance/replacement.
•    Hire of Traditional Male & Female Dance Costumes for festivals and special performances. This includes provision for ongoing purchase of costumes to alleviate future hire costs.
•    Costs (though minimal by our standards), for the extensive and lovingly applied makeup for all dance festival participants.

We invite you to consider donating towards the cost of this well worthwhile orphanage programme by clicking onto the ‘Donate Now’ button and be part of the joy of giving orphan and disabled children the ability to join in learning Traditional Balinese Dancing in the knowledge 100% of donations goes direct to this program.

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