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Sundry Programs
Location: Klungkung and Karangasem Orphanages

Provision for 12 months: AUD$2,000 

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Each year Bikabele receives unallocated donations, not given for any specific program, to fund new or unexpected opportunities to assist directly in the ongoing welfare of underprivileged, disabled and orphan children.
These projects pop up from time to time, when our attention is drawn to a specific requirement during our Orphanage visits.  They may be one-off expenses whereby we deem the expense is beneficial to the children or the overall running of the 
orphanage to assist with their requirements.  Or, at times they can result in on-going Projects.  Either way, it's important to remember these Sundry Projects will always be for the direct benefit of the children we support.

An example of a current Sundry Project is:  

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Pre-Loved Hearing Devices – where funds are allocated for the collection and repair/ recalibration of recycled hearing devices which can then be used in treating the wider underprivileged community in Bali, and also can be used for replacement devices if a sponsored child might lose or break their hearing aid (unfortunately that can happen - they are kids!).
This project is being supported by a number of Perth based Audiologists and individuals who have also donated pre-loved aidsAny donations of used hearing devices in good order are welcome and can be put to great use in Bali.

Examples of former ‘Sundry Programs’  that now form part of one of our permanent ongoing programs include funding for ‘Education Assistance’ and ‘Computer Classes’
(Refer to ‘Lifeskills and Education’ Program).

If you or a family member have some pre-loved Hearing Aids laying around, wondering what you can possibly do with them - then please feel free to send them to us, we'll be sure they get put to terrific use by someone who could never afford the cost of such devices.

Should you consider donating towards our endeavours to assist directly in the ongoing welfare of underprivileged, disabled and orphan children but have no preference as to which of our programs to support , simply choose ‘Sundry Programs’, click onto the ‘Donate Now’ button and be part of the joy of giving to orphan and disabled children in the knowledge that 100% of durable watches replica breitling superocean all donations go directly to providing the continuity needed for their daily care and welfare.

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