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Klungkung  Oct 2006 - 2351
Klungkung Aug 2006 - Bill with some kids - 1553
Some Klungkung boys in April 2010
Darmanta Swanjaya and Pande 2006
Nat with Agus Komang n Erna 2006
Some of the Klungkung children 2006
Bill with 2 little girls during our first visit to Klungkung 2003
Bubble time at Karangasem orphanage 2008
Treating kids to speedboat rides in 2009 at Tanjung Benoa
Speech therapy at Klungkung orphanage 2006
Karangasem weaving skills beginnings in 2007
Rudy with 3 kids during Playground Development Klungkung
3 Karangasem hearing aid girls 2008
Candriyani Suliyah Ayu and Andriyani after dancing 2009
Indrayani and Lusiana June 2012
Kadek Parmantika at Karangasem June 2012
West Greenwood Primary children make wall hanging for Klungkung orphanage 2006
Presentation of W Greenwood Primarys banner at Klungkung
Our wonderful Bali Bears, Ketut and Wayan
Klungkung boys dance at Playground Blessing Ceremony
Some of the Klungkung boys who helped us with the playground development
Kids working alongside Bikabele in Playground development Klungkung
Swings being built in Caleb & Spencer Memorial Playground Klungkung
Tyre Swing being installed at Caleb & Spencer Memorial Playground
Naughts and Crossed in memory of Vibes in Memorial Playground Klungkung
Coat of paint on the see-saw in the Memorial Playground Klungkung
Bill does first test swing with Nat and Jasons help at playground in Klungkung
Blessing ceremony for Memorial Playground
Natalie n Jason lay a plaque in memory of their little Caleb and Spencer and to name playground
Playground slippery slide gets its first workout by the kids
Bev hands out dolls on our very first visit to Klungkung in 2003
Orphan love - Klungkung 2003 - our first visit
The second time we visited Klunkung orphanage in March 2004
Group of Bikabele supporters who attended Blessing Ceremony for Sanitary facilities in 2004
Quilt wallhanging donated by Jen and friends from Albany WA 2004
Blessing Ceremony 2004 for supply of Sanitary facilities
Bill and Made with 4 children selected for initial Hearing Aid Program trial
Toy donations 2005
Toy donations
Toy hand outs to kids around Bali
Toy hand outs to kids around Bali
Toy hand outs to kids around Bali
Putu Erna - hearing impaired girl at Klungkung 2006
Vibes (deaf since birth) teaches deaf children at Klungkung to play Naughts & Crosses game
Vibes with some of the Klungkung kids - memorable day - deaf meets deaf
Deaf clap / wave with Vibes and Narno
Vibes and Mila (both deaf) communicate easily  - language is no barrier
Rudy donates some beautifully handcrafted wooden toys to the Klungkung children
Karangasem boys doing Gangnam style dancing 2012
One of the little boys at Karangasem - younger brother of Yulianti who is in our Hearing Program
Lumina pre-school deaf children do computer lessons with donated laptops
Swanjaya and Yurae take great delight at donation of laptop computers to teach them computer skills
Wayan of Lumina, fits hearing aid for one of the Karangasem twins girls 2012
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