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Visiting the children

We at Bikabele welcome visits to the orphanages we assist, both by our Sponsors of children, as well as donors and supporters generally.

Children at both orphanages love to see visitors, especially those at Karangasem who have fewer foreign visitors, simply by being that little bit further away.

We have outlined below the  cheap replica rolex watches UK basics of how to arrange a visit to the Orphanages.  Should you require any further information at all about an intended visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us direct via the Contact Us’ page.

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Location:  KlungKung Orphanage

Name:   Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Semarapura, KlungKung, Bali

Head Carer:  Ni Made Gunasih

Travel Time:  One and a half hours east from Denpasar.


Location:   Karangasem Orphanage

Name:   Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem, Bali

Head Carer:   Pak Agung

Travel Time:   Two hours east from Denpasar.


Finding Your Way

In order to properly advise the orphanage of your intended visit we recommend using our trusted Bali tour driver  - Pak Wayan.

Wayan has been assisting us in our endeavours on the ground in Bali for nine years, He speaks very good English, knows all the history of Bikabele Projects and besides arranging your visit with the orphanage(s), can answer all your questions along the way.

As a licensed Tour Operator, Wayan sets good rates for Bikabele supporters, and he can also help plan any route you may desire to soak up any part of the Bali countryside you want to visit along the way.  His smile says it all.  Wayan is now ably assisted by one of his sons, Komang, who is also very familiar with Bikabele and our work, along with the orphanages and Trade School.  Either Wayan or Komang would have pleasure in assisting you for a visit.


Contemplating Gifts for the Children?

If you are intending to take any foodstuffs, rice or treats for the children, Wayan can also show you where to shop at local prices on the way if you wish and even recommend what items within your budget that maybe the most suitable, or most needed, at that time.

Please also ask Wayan about the best protocols for you to distribute your gifts personally to the children at the orphanages. If you are visiting Klungkung we also ask if you would sign the Visitors Book which Ibu Made usually has available.


‘No Direct Cash’ Policy

It has been our own policy right from the start of Bikabele’s activities to refrain from giving out or donating cash money during an orphanage visit, whether it be requested (as is rare). or simply as a charitable gesture.

There are many reasons for this policy we put on ourselves and we can only encourage you to refrain from this practice yourself, by either donating goods or services of your choice direct in lieu of giving cash, or allowing us to channel the intended funds for the specific purpose you may desire or were alerted to during your visit.

You can do this in the knowledge that 100% of what you may donate goes direct to the children’s benefit, without deduction and your donations can be channeled exactly as you wish.

Should you require any information at all about these advices please don’t hesitate to contact us direct via the Contact Us’ page.

Visits by Sponsors

If you are a Sponsor of a child in our Hearing Aid Program and wish to meet your child, (especially for the first time), please ensure you advise Wayan so he can confirm the child you sponsor will be there to greet you. Sometimes they may just be absent for religious ceremonies at their home village or for some other reason.


Wayan's Bali Contact No is:  Local Call – 081 236  08310, 

or International Call - +62 81 236 08310


We invite you to consider donating towards the cost of any of our important ongoing orphanage programs by clicking onto the ‘Donate Now’ button and be part of the joy of giving to orphana and disabled children in the knowledge that 100% of all donations go directly to providing the continuity needed for their daily care and welfare.

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