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Orphanage Maintenance
Location: Klungkung and Karangasem Orphanages

Provision for 12 months : AUD$1,500

As with any household, provision for ongoing maintenance is a necessity to ensure that rectification works and damage control can be undertaken at any time.
This is even more so at orphanages such as those at Klungkung and Karangasem where for a start the 
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Over time Bikabele has stepped in to undertake numerous maintenance works at both orphanages, some major, some minor.  Work either considered critical, such as a major roof replacement project, (see  ‘Completed Projects’), or works simply beneficial to the 
children’s welfare, comfort, hygiene and safety such as replacing dormitory curtains, beds and mattresses, or tiling a kitchen floor that was previously bare earth or rewiring deteriorating and unsafe electrical circuits.

This program is a basic, yet a fine example of how your donations can assist directly in the ongoing welfare of underprivileged, disabled and orphan children living in the 
most basic of conditions.

Note: See also the ‘Completed Projects’

We invite you to consider donating towards the cost of this important ongoing orphanage programme by clicking onto the ‘Donate Now’ button and be part of the joy of giving to orphan and disabled children in the knowledge that 100% of all 
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