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https://quartz-watches.headsetwiki.com With the new age of Social Media, we have decided to discontinue our "Bear News" Newsletters.  However to keep up with all our recent activities and projects on a regular basis, please join us on our Facebook page, which is a more modern way to keep our supporters.

Just click on the Facebook link at the bottom of our website pages and please "Like" us.

THE BEAR NEWS was an easy-read Newsletter sent out to our valued members and supporters as our preferred method in earlier days to keep you all abreast of our exciting news swiss discounted fake hublot watches, activities and programmes.  Old editions of those "The Bear News" can still be found below.

 Please search for and follow Bikabele Cares for Kids on Facebook.... this is now our main medium for passing on the latest news

EDITION 11: September: 2010
Edition 11 brings a big update on so many things, including...quartz-watches.headsetwiki.com 

  • Improvements to our Bikabele Hearing Aid Program and for the kids involved
  • From a Sponsor's Viewpoint - feature article by one of our valued supporters as they see things
  • Project GOOKAR - Gift Our Orphanage Kids A Roof - how you can help these kids today
  • Mostly we shed tears of joy, though sometimes our tears are pure sadness
  • and lots of other interesting articles!

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EDITION 10: July: 2009
Edition 10 brings you all the news on...
  • Our tremendously successful inaugural Dance Festival bringing together hearing impaired children from 2 orphanages and Bikabele Swara-Swari (pre-school for hearing impaired children)

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EDITION 9: March: 2009
Edition 9 , time for a complete overview on...
  • All of Bikabele's current programs and funds and how your support helps open the door for so many young children

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EDITION 8: September: 2008
Edition 8 brings you news on...
  • Update on BIKABELE SWARA-SWARI INSTITUTE - the new Pre-school facility for hearing impaired kids in Bali
  • A visit by group of 15 residents from Lake Joondalup Lifestyle Village, keen supporters of Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya Orphanage for Fun Day and Ceremony day
  • Clothes and Toys distribution in Ungasan village

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EDITION 7: October: 2007
Edition 7 brings you all the news on...
  • The success of Quiz Nite 2007
  • The opening of Bikabele Swara-Swari - pre-school for hearing impaired kids which is about to happen
  • The new LifeSkills Program introduced to our Karangasem based orphanage
  • Bikabele's Hearing Aid & Speech Therapy program, our numbers just keep on growing!

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EDITION 6: June: 2007
Edition 6 brings news on...
  • Feedback received from orphanage carer, Made on what she sees as the benefits of Hearing Aid Program for her children.
  • An invitation for a TV interview this week, you may want to tune in!
  • Our new Cadbury's Chocolate fundraiser is about to happen - can you help?
  • The latest on Bikabele Swara-Swari Institute after meeting with our hearing specialist last week.

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EDITION 5: March: 2007
Edition 5 brings news of our great start to 2007
  • Ketut from Bali visits us in Western Australia - what a week!
  • Read about our Grape Picking fundraiser success - another child benefits!
  • Swara Swari Institute - our latest replique montre suisse project

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EDITION 4: January: 2007
Our post Christmas Edition includes...
  • We have reached 20 children sponsored and participating in Bikabele Hearing Aid & Speech Therapy Program - check our update
  • One of our Bali Bears is coming to Perth to visit, finally!
  • Check out our Bear of the Month story

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SPECIAL EDITION 3: October: 2006
Special edition Newsletter with our October news on... Audemars Piguet Replica
  • An emotion filled week spent building and opening Caleb & Spencer's Memorial Playground (includes photos)
  • Launch of Bikabele Swara-Swari Institute Bali Hearing Centre Fundraising Program - to set up the first of its kind Non-profit Specialist Hearing Centre for pre-school aged children in Bali)

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EDITION 2: September: 2006
Catch up with the latest news, including...
  • 2006 Gala Quiz Nite Results orologi falsi and Report.
  • The Memorial Playground in Bali is nearing reality.
  • Germany comes on board with sponsoring 2 children.
  • Project under consideration.

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EDITION 1: July: 2006
Catch up with all of Bikabele Bear's latest news, including...
  • The announcement of our 2006 Gala Quiz Nite.
  • Progress report on our special Memorial Playground in Bali.
  • Read about the successful "Bikabele Hearing Aid and Speech Therapy Program".
  • Meet our beautiful "Bali Bears".

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