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Lifeskills & Education Programs
Location: Klungkung and Karangasem Orphanages

Budgeted Cost : AUD$3,000 per annum

The focus of our signature Hearing Aid Program is to give orphan hearing impaired children the gift of sound and speech so they can have a far better chance of a brighter future. 
Our Lifeskills and Education Program is designed to help achieve that brighter future in a practical way by teaching the children skills and assisting where possible in on-going education.

The end mission is to help these children gain meaningful employment as they grow into adults and leave the orphanage environment.

Experience tells us that whatever assistance program we put in place at the orphanages, it has to be sustainable and workable at a local level, involve totally local carers or teachers and be practical enough to keep the interest of the children to keep learning.

So when it was suggested to us by our valued local Bali volunteer, Wayan, that we look at implementing a Lifeskills Program starting off by teaching local specialised Arts & Crafts, we felt confident about it’s funding and implementation.

Karangasem Orphanage
In 2007 the program was introduced first at Karangasem and with the head carer and senior teacher involved has seen the children now able to produce quality hand woven cane artefacts, an established skill in the Karangasem region of Bali.
Using "AKTA", the root of an Indonesian tree the children have learned to intricately weave this material to manufacture, trinket boxes, coasters, placemats, and all manner of saleable artefacts. They can be purchased in roadside stalls, Department stores (e.g. Matahari and Centro) and at the Airport in Bali. So it was logical if the children learnt these skills it could help to support themselves when they are older, and in the meantime even assist to support the orphanages themselves.
Klungkung Orphanage
At KlungKung the artistic skills of the region revolve around ancient Traditional Painting.
The children here were introduced to painting classes starting at a basic level and continue to improve with the most proficient able to tackle the intricacy and techniques of Balinese Traditional Painting.
Another local craft from the Klungkung region is candle making.

Computer Classes
In 2011, when approached by a keen supporter of Bikabele and advised a large private college in Perth (Australia), was looking at donating redundant laptop computers to a worthy charity, we immediately showed our interest knowing the age of computer technology had to be part of orphanage children’s future.

In the space of nine months enough computers have been taken to Bali to implement formal computer classes at both Karangasem and Klungkung Orphanages and more recently at the Lumina Pre-School in Denpasar.
After securing the computers the main challenge was to source teachers qualified enough to not only be able to teach computer skills, but able also to teach hearing-impaired children with minimal verbal communication skills.
At Karangasem, the orphanage furthest from the main urban areas of Bali, we were especially fortunate to be introduced to such a teacher and immediately agreed to fund an ongoing computer class program that is now being introduced at Karangasem and at Lumina.
At Karangasem the first basic 3 month course has finished and ‘Graduation Certificates’ issued. Those children  will now go on to a more advanced course and others will follow their footsteps providing funding from Bikabele can be continued.

This particular program emphasises the well known fact that although children may be hearing deficient, given the opportunity they are certainly no less intelligent than their normal hearing peers and relish the chance to learn skills taken for granted by others.

Our thanks are extended in particular to Soroptimist International (Albany Branch) for the funding of skilled IT teachers and maintenance, and to St Mary's Anglican Girl's School, Karrinyup for the large donation of laptop computers - to enable this program to exist, and be the success it is.  We are thankful also for the huge assistance from Bernie as well, without whom, the project may not of developed.
There is no question this program will be continued, expanded if necessary, and require continued funding.

Higher Education Assistance
In order to ensure that the orphanage children have every chance to continue education beyond elementary level, Bikabele allocates provisional funding for this purpose.
As schooling is not free in Indonesia beyond primary schoo,l any funding we agree to goes to directly to cover all Text Books, Uniforms and upper school fees and is revised on a  yearly basis.

We invite you to consider donating towards the cost of this worthwhile orphanage program by clicking onto the ‘Donation Form" button below, and be part of the joy of giving to orphan and disabled children in the knowledge that 100% of all donations go directly to providing these important skills and educational assistance.

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