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Feed The Children - Rice & Food Program
Location: Klungkung and Karangasem Orphanages

Cost : Approximately AUD$4,800 per annum

Encouraging and helping both the carers and children at these Orphanages to help themselves, is a practice fully endorsed by Bikabele Cares for Kids (Inc).

Having seen how the Orphanages try and cope with the ever increasing struggle to www.swisseta.org feed the children in their care on a daily basis, we considered 
options to assist aiming towards a basic level of self-sufficiency and in 2008 initiated an extension to our long standing ‘Rice Program’.

Basically orphanages are reliant either on buying food with whatever funds they are able to scrape together, or on visitors donating rice and food supplements.  Sometimes, as you can imagine, in periods when there are no visitors providing these generous donations, it can be very difficult to properly feed 30 or 40 children every single day.

Rice is the staple diet of most Asian countries and is a fundamental food requirement for all Balinese. Whilst the Indonesian Government assists orphanages and similar institutions from time to time by distributing rice, it is far from consistent due to the sheer volume of demands for welfare assistance across the nation.  And they don't have welfare such as we know it in the Western World.

Since our first visit to the KlungKung Orphanage in 2003, Bikabele has funded a guaranteed monthly supply of rice to the orphanages where shortfalls occur and continues to do so with the support of our donors and other fundraising activities.
The price of rice, as with all commodities worldwide, is steadily rising and assistance in this way is even more critical.  Besides donors to our rice program helping with funding, there is an ever increasing number of Bikabele supporters and sponsors visiting the orphanages and delivering rice personally.  We more than welcome these initiatives, thank you. 

In extending our long standing Rice Program we added funding for a regular supply of food supplements to ensure the children received an overall balanced diet.  Again Bikabele supporters visiting the orphanages have thankfully added further to this supply.

The next extension of our food program is to facilitate some level in self-sufficiency in the provision of foodstuffs by the orphanages themselves.

The aims of this initiative are:
•    To establish sustainable vegetable gardens within the
orphanage(s) producing a variety of fruit and vegetable food supplements.  (Given the poor volcanic soil and uncertain water supply that existed this meant bringing in suitable soil and starting a ‘market garden’ from scratch.)
•    To fund for a
gardener to manage the growing and harvesting of produce.
•    To encourage the children to work in the garden and learn about sustainable basic food production for themselves.
•    Where and when  production exceeds immediate needs, use the proceeds of the sale of produce to purchase other food items (and even treats or other requirements).

At Karangasem Orphanage this program extension is a proven outstanding success for all to see and proudly displayed  - but again requires ongoing funding.

Note:  See also the "Animal Breeding Program"

We invite you to consider donating towards the cost of this critical orphanage programme by clicking onto the ‘Donate Now’ button and be part of the joy of giving to orphan and disabled children in the knowledge that 100% of all donations go directly to providing the continuity needed for their daily care and welfare.

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