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Completed Projects
Since 2003, in the time leading up to, and the period since the formation and Incorporation of ’Bikabele Cares for Kids (Inc)’ , we have, with the support of an ever widening base of supporters and sponsors, funded and completed many worthwhile and lasting projects.

The following are extracts straight from our archives and show the considerable contributions made in supporting underprivileged, disabled and orphan children, and thereby helping in what we do to fulfil ‘Our Mission’.
Many fond memories have been created throughout these projects, and they all 
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Panti Asuhan Semara Putra Orphanage, Klungkung - 2004

As soon as by chance we first visited this orphanage catering primarily for orphan children with physical & mental disabilities, and children whose parents could no longer cope or support them, we knew urgent help was needed for Made Gunasih, the primary carer looking after up to 40 children at any one time.

A very basic and urgent need was the provision of proper sanitary facilities for both the boys and girls as the conditions in that area were, to say the least, degrading.

Upon our return to Australia we immediately commenced fundraising and planning to build proper dual toilet and washing facilities at the orphanage as well as provide Made some basic ablutions for herself.

We found that for a relatively small amount we could provide substantial help and in no time we raised close to the AUD$5000 required to complete this project.

We then appointed a 
local village builder, and with pomp and ceremony signed a building contract in March 2004 and works were completed in June 2004 without a hitch, to the joy of all concerned, especially the children.

A group of Donors and supporters of Bikabele Cares for Kids from all over Australia, travelled to Bali in July 2004 for a Traditional Blessing Ceremony of the new facilities held at the orphanage and conducted by the village High Priest. It was a moving and enlightening experience further exemplifying the direct way in which donors and sponsors have the opportunity to connect closely with our projects.

As part of the ceremony the children performed their Traditional Balinese Dancing for their Australian guests, entertainment which, considering their underprivileged situation, as well as their disabilities, was a memorable and moving experience for all who attended.

We noted that further building improvement needs at the Orphanage are being monitored.

Panti Asuhan Semara Putra Orphanage, Klungkung, Bali, October 2006

"Providing rainbows and smiles to the world of disadvantaged, underprivileged and orphan children" - that's the grassroots of what Bikabele Cares for Kids (Inc) is really about. And that's what the Caleb & Spencer Memorial Playground is achieving, for some very special kids.

May little Caleb & Spencer forever be remembered in the smiles of 
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Read more here about the history of this very special playground –
"Children are a gift in this world".  What a true statement, and a message that was reiterated to Bikabele Cares for Kids from a wonderful Melbourne couple, Natalie and Jason, who so dearly dreamed of having a family. Turning to the IVF programme, there was tremendous joy in the announcement they were expecting twins.

Unfortunately though, not every story has a happy ending, and tragically, Natalie and Jason's excitement turned to devastation.

On 31st August 2005, little Caleb Edward was born at only 23 weeks and 1 days gestation. His fraternal twin, Spencer Ian arrived approximately 10 minutes later. Sadly, Spencer was stillborn.

Caleb weighed just 554 grams. As the hours passed by, his tiny body became too tired to function and Caleb passed away on 2nd September after a valiant 38 hour fight.
Caleb and Spencer were buried together on Wednesday 7th September 2005.

That same week, Natalie sat down and wrote to Bikabele, telling us of the tragic loss of their two little baby boys. What we read broke our hearts and more so when we also read where they wished to offer Bikabele a donation to help some needy children. Words could never express, not only our sadness for our friends at such a tragic loss, but our feelings in learning these two beautiful people whose dreams had just been shattered, yet here they were, still thinking about helping other needy children in their time of grieving.

Bikabele went to Melbourne and caught up with Natalie and Jason and discussed building a "Memorial Playground for Caleb and Spencer" at the Panti Asuhan Semara Putra Orphanage for Disabled Children in KlungKung, Bali.

Our deepest sympathies went out to Natalie and Jason, along with our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to a truly inspirational couple who started the Memorial Playground fund with a substantial donation and left a lasting legacy with the children at KlungKung.

Emotional week spent in Bali (October 2006) to build and open the...
Caleb & Spencer Memorial Playground

Thanks to many supporters, friends and family of Natalie & Jason and Bikabele Bear from Victoria to Western Australia, some wonderful Perth schoolchildren, Quiz Nite goers and Balinese support, during the week of 15th - 21st October 2006, Natalie & Jason joined a team of Aussie Bikabele supporters to embark on the trip to Klungkung, Bali, and complete the all important project we set out to start raising funds for 12 months ago.

Overcoming the challenges of working with "Bali time" in Bali conditions and with an element of language barriers, the crew (thankfully assisted by some wonderful Balinese people and ex-pats in Bali) faced our challenges head on got into stripping back the old, worn and rusted playground remains, renovated, re-built, added onto and developed a new Playground, all brightly painted for the disabled children of Panti Asuhan Semara Putra Orphanage.

Once the children of the orphanage realised what we were doing, they eagerly jumped in and assisted wherever they could, sanding, painting, carrying bricks, shovelling, you name it, they wanted to be so much a part of what was happening on their front doorstep. It was so special to have the kids working alongside us, we revelled in making them feel totally involved whilst soaking in their smiles and laughter.

With the Playground complete, we all returned to the Orphanage on Friday 20th October for a specially prepared beautiful and at times emotional Balinese Blessing Ceremony. During the ceremony the children danced their traditional dances of appreciation and played some balinese musical instruments for us, the Playground equipment was blessed for safe use, we were blessed, the children were blessed. Natalie and Jason laid a naming plaque in memory of their two little angels, Caleb & Spencer and the playground was dedicated to their memory. A second plaque was placed by Nengah Rapet, special Balinese friend of Ian "Vibes" Murray, in memory of Ian's inspirational visit to the children in February 2006. And especially important we had the opportunity to play with the children in their new playground, laugh with them, show them newly donated sports equipment and items, and just share some special time with them before being overwhelmed by their many hugs of appreciation as we headed off to return to our homeland, where we so often can take things for granted.

What an awesome day, what an awesome week and what an awesome feeling we were left with. With these children many of whom barely speak, and the little they do so far is in Indonesian, we found there were no language barriers today, they totally appreciated the gift of a new playground and we totally understood their joy and gratitude.

"Providing rainbows and smiles to the world of disadvantaged, underprivileged and orphan children" - that's the grassroots of what Bikabele Cares for Kids is really about. And that's what the Caleb & Spencer Memorial Playground is achieving, for some special kids.

May little Caleb & Spencer forever be remembered in the smiles of those wonderful children playing in their playground.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to make this one dream possible for an inspirational couple, who so deeply understand..."Children are a gift in this World".


In 2004, after having seen the state of the bed linen at the Panti Asuhan Semara Putra Orphanage in Bali, and noticing the children there were sleeping two to a bed, Bikabele Cares for Kids (Inc) members donated 20 sets of nice brightly coloured bed sheets to the Orphanage to brighten up their dormitory, and hopefully some dreams.

Sometime later Bikabele then funded the supply of 10 new double bunks with mattresses to provide even more basic comfort for the children sleeping in very cramped conditions.  

Donation of bed linen is something that is repeated often, as required, and 
fine replica drive de cartier watches we have some lovely supporters who are regularly gathering and donating linen when they visit the orphanages, which we are most grateful for.

Bikabele ran this program for quite a number of years, and it is indeed, exactly how Bikabele first came about, by taking and donating toys and clothes (amongst other things) to an orphanage in Klungkung.  We have many fond memories of driving around visiting villages wher tourists don't often visit, giving out many pre-loved toys and clothes to young children.  Some of course went to the two orphanages we support now.  Donations were always received with great appreciation from the children and families who were receiving the gifts.

Thank you to all those people who made wonderful donations in this regard.  You certainly put many smiles on little children's faces, and also families, grateful for clothing to dress their children.

Unfortunately, due to logistical reasons we have discontinued this activity on a collective basis however, if you are going to Bali, or know a family going to Bali, we still encourage this activity by individuals.  It is a fun way to put a smile on a child's face, when you hand him or her a doll or teddy bear, or even a pretty blouse to a Balinese mother, who you know might never own an item of clothing so pretty.  They are very grateful recipients of such donations.

These days, we tend to be always filling our suitcases with select medical supplies and equipment, computer equipment, pre-loved hearing aids, linen or other items which fulfil specific needs we have identified, or been requested for through our Bali network.

Pre-school for disadvantaged hearing impaired children

Whilst continuing with our very successful Hearing Aid Program, our Bali based Hearing specialist approached us for help in nipping the dire consequences of children’s hearing problems in the bud at an early age.
Today this is called "Early Intervention".

After some lengthy discussions with Narno Supangat who tests and provides Hearing Aids for the children in our current program, we became very aware of his deep passion to establish a Special Hearing and Speech Therapy Centre for pre-school aged children, the first of its kind in Indonesia, and to be operated as a not-for-profit facility.
It seemed a natural progression for Bikabele to look at assisting to establish this facility to identify and help hearing impaired children at a very early age so that they may embark in normal schooling from 1st grade.

Once this facility is fully operational, it will be self-generating and have the capacity to benefit a far larger number of young children than Bikabele could ever hope to help for a long time to come under our current Hearing Aid Program format.

Due to the generosity of some wonderful Bikabele supporters, we are proud to announce that Bikabele Swara-Swari Institute has opened it's doors. (Swara-Swari is an Indonesian term referring to Sound & Hearing).

Fundraising continues in both Bali and Australia to fully establish the facility for children under school age, although it is currently operating in a limited capacity with just 5 children, until such time more funds are available to purchase further furniture and audio equipment.

Bikabele’s overall goal is to try & raise A$25,000 to purchase all the specialist learning & testing equipment and basic school furniture to fully establish the Centre. Narno continues with his own local campaign to raise funds to run the centre in a building now leased in Denpasar and provide the specialist teachers. Narno himself, and a colleague will be providing their considerable expertise and services in testing and giving speech therapy voluntarily.

Children whose parents can afford to will pay a fee to participate in the unique Speech Therapy programs that Swara-Swari will offer, whilst some poorer families or disadvantaged children and orphans will be offered the services at no cost. Narno has made a commitment to Bikabele Cares for Kids whereby he will continue to cater for the orphanage children supported through Bikabele and our sponsors as part of Swara-Swari, visiting them regularly to ensure they are receiving appropriate speech therapy. and reporting back to Bikabele on each child's progress. This phase has commenced in January 2008.
Bikabele Swara-Swari Institute (Bali Hearing Centre)

Our sincere thanks goes out to all those wonderful people who contributed to this Project and helped to create a first in Bali, Indonesia.  The results have been extraordinary!

The Bikabele Swara-Swari Institute continues to operate and is now self funding.
At least 10 hearing impaired pre-school aged children per year now ‘graduate’ from this unique Pre-School under Narno’s Speech Therapy syllabus and go onto mainstream schooling. We have been privileged to work with Narno in setting up this pre-school facility and are forever thankful for his dedication and input in the our setting up of our own signature ‘Hearing Aid Program’ in 2004, and indeed his work with the Hearing Impaired children of Bali.


The Road to a Happy Ending...

As most of our supporters are aware, over the last ten months or so Bikabele has been fundraising in various ways to undertake the biggest single project in terms of cost & scale in our seven year history.
During one visit to KlungKung Orphanage in early 2010 we were told about & shown areas in the ceiling of the dormitories where the roof had started leaking during the previous wet season. Later that year during another visit it became very evident there was a major problem and certainly not the usual broken tiles etc.
Made, the head carer, was worried knowing the potential for the roof collapsing yet having no avenue to pay for any major work.
Given all the work Bikabele had been able to achieve with the children at KlungKung with the support of so many of you we knew we had to ‘bight the bullet’ & in September last year committed to help as much as possible intending to allocate $3000 we had in ‘Unallocated Funds’ donated by individual supporters to no particular project.
We then had a local builder inspect the roof to advise us what needed to be done & the estimated cost. They were the same builders who built the children’s toilets for us at the orphanage in 2005, which was our very first project that then led us to form Bikabele Cares for Kids (Inc) the same year. 
The news from the builder was not good. Major roof sagging, asbestos in the rotting ceiling panels over the children’s beds, no easy solution other than replacing the roof structure & total ceiling…….. Gulp! …….Maximum Estimated Cost including all finishing work without knowing what materials could be reused, $12,000 to $15,000… Gulp!
No turning back so we committed to funding the works stage by stage leaving out the finishing works to reduce initial costs hoping the children could participate in that doing the painting etc.
This left us to start a major fundraising campaign & through some magnificent support by groups & individuals it wasn’t too long before we had raised half the money required & were comfortable we would be able to fund the project as it progressed through ongoing fundraising.
When the project is complete, and as a special tribute, we will give more detail of the donations, events and contributions made to make this major project happen but here we mention a couple of individuals who have completely turned this project around.
We all knew this project was going to be a difficult to manage to get the best results but we weren’t going to see the 40 odd children who sleep in those dormitories losing one of the few comforts they have – a roof over their heads.

What Goes Round Comes Round
In February 2011 a chance meeting has ended up making a dramatic & positive affect on this whole project.
During a cycling tour of Vietnam, Bill (Bikabele Chairman), was chatting to another member of the group, Chris Willcox, and the conversation turned to Bali & Bikabele & the KlungKung Roof Project. As it happens Chris was an Architect & Director of Willcox & Associates in Margaret River WA and , would you believe, had an office in Bali.
Chris was quick to offer assistance by having his Bali office inspect the building & look at all the options to try & reduce the costs. This led to his introducing us to Mick Catoni , an Australian builder involved in numerous building projects in Bali.

Mick also was quick to assist as much as possible & soon had sourced all the timber,  roofing tiles and other building materials that we required or could use from a building he was demolishing at the time. All at no cost!
Mick has gone on to provide labour at cost and is overseeing the roof restoration programme personally value adding along the way with other ideas on paving etc sourced from the same demolition materials.

End result is that through this tremendous & spontaneous support from Chris, his Bali staff, & Mick & his crew, we will finish all the works including painting & finishing, at less than half the original estimates. In fact we may have some funds left to build a ‘Visitors Toilet’ to cater for the growing band of Bikabele supporters who now visit KlungKung & Mick is doing up some costs for that, again using donated materials.
This is a fantastic outcome & a wonderful example of how people with particular expertise & a genuine desire to help can really make a difference.

Thanks Chris, thanks Mick & thanks to all your staff & colleagues.
We might add that the local builders who first assessed the roof were also very supportive and welcomed the fact that through the donations of materials and time we could achieve what we set out to do at a far less cost than they could possibly of offered.
The 15 riders on that bicycle tour of Vietnam all gave their bikes away to a charitable organisation in Saigon called KOTO (Know One Teach One) who take in & train ‘street kids’ in lifeskills with full catering & restaurant training over 3 years. The bikes are making a tremendous difference to their mobility to & from the training center.
a great example of……….. ‘What goes round comes round’  

To all those supporters who donated and helped in any way to enable
above projects to become reality, our very sincere thanks.

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