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Date of Birth:  24 April , 2001
From:  Sadimara
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Proudly Sponsored by:  Andy & Siobhan Gilmour
Sponsors location: Perth, WA
Update of your child’s progress
Kadek Parmantika is attending the Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya Orphanage in the Karangasem region, in North-Eastern Bali.

The “I” at the beginning of Parmantika’s name is really an identification that he is male and Hindu.
“Kadek” is a name, almost like a nickname as such, but this signifies he is the second born child in his family – family may use this name and sometimes for ease they would announce to a tourist that their name is Kadek – because it’s easy to remember.
“Parmantika” is his more unique name, and the name which we and the orphanage would call him by (like a Christian name).
The Balinese do not use surnames, or family names as we know them at all.

At this point in time, we don’t have any detail
on Parmantika’s family, as in his parents, however, being in an orphanage home such as Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya is often because of their disability.  This orphanage is classified at a “Disabled Children’s Orphanage”.   It’s very likely, his parents or guardians have realised he is deaf and obviously without speech, so they have made a decision to place him at the orphanage so that the orphanage teachers can assist with his education.  Also they would have some small hope that by attending the orphanage that some kind tourist may visit and pay for treatment to his hearing.  And that’s where the child sponsorship plays an important role in the Hearing Aid Program 

As of January 2013, our Hearing Specialists, Lumina, have
been advised to include Kadek Parmantika into the Bikabele Hearing Aid Program due to his sponsorship.  So he will now go through the process of testing and receiving his own new hearing aids.

We will provide further updates as things progress for Parmantika on this page.




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