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Date of Birth:  02 April , 2004
From:  Timuhun, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  SIOBHAN MULVENNA
Sponsors location: Ireland, UK
Update of your child’s progress
Dewi Ayu Putri, a sweet little girl, born on 2nd April 2004 is enrolled at Panti Asuhan Semara Putra orphanage in Klungkung, due to her hearing challenges.

The lucky recipient of sponsorship from our one and only (at this stage) Irish sponsor, Siobhan, little Putri was fully tested and then fitted with her new hearing aids to give her the gift of sound on 21st December 2010.  There was a group of 5 young girls all fitted on the same day, so that they could embark on this new journey in their lives together and have each other as support.

Putri is a dear little girl, easily
recognisable by her curly hair, which is quite unusual with the Balinese or Indonesians.
Since being fitted with her hearing aids, Putri has had her regular ear checks, hearing aids checks and maintenance, and replacement batteries supplied for her hearing aids.  From all reports received to date, she looks after her hearing aids quite well and participates in the Speech Therapy program.   It's a bonus that Putri was fitted with her aids at a tender age of 6.  The younger the child can be fitted, hear and learn to recognise sounds, and begin speech therapy, the better chance they have for full communication with the normal hearing community in the long run.

We believe Putri spends most of her nights with her family - usually only visiting the orphanage by day, for speech lessons and school.  From Bikabele's own perspective, this has both its advantages and disadvantages. 
The disadvantage being, sometimes we will miss seeing Putri when we visit - given they do half days of schooling 6 days a week in Bali, she can be home before we visit in any given day, if we don't make it to this orphanage in the morning. 
However, the big advantage is by spending time back with her family, usually the family's are quite proactive in encouraging the use of speech, and often we find we get better results from the children with their speech when their family plays a big part in the process. 

When the children spend the majority of their time at the orphanage, which can have 20 or more hearing impaired children, we find its too easy for them to
use the familiar sign language method of communication between themselves in times when they are not in school or speech therapy - as this is the way they've always known..and because there are children at different stages of speech development, it's just the easy way for them.

So we should be happy that little Putri will be receiving her family support to encourage her speech development, even if we are deprived of meeting her so often.  Our hearing specialists are reporting she is normally present when they visit, so that's great to know, and shows active participation in the program.

UPDATES:   Updates will be provided here when we have them to hand on Putri.

Just looking back at a report from Lumina when Dewi Ayu Putri was fitted with her aids, which is testament to her family.  She was very happy when fitted with her aids and she surprised everyone because at that time she spoke the words  PAPA, MAMA, BABA and TATA.   If she can learn those words with no hearing, imagine the possibilities now she can hear!  The other message we received was her parents are very grateful and say thank you to Bikabele and partners, so...all thanks are extended to Siobhan in Ireland.

PHOTOGRAPHS:  We will load updated photos as received or taken, below.
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