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Date of Birth:  15 October , 2001
From:  Sampalan, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  ANGELA, MIKE, MIA & JORDY CRANE
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Ni Ketut Octariani (or Oktariani, as we've been advised more recently), is a young girl, born 15th October 2001 with hearing challenges.

She has been enrolled at Panti Asuhan Semara Putra orphanage home in Klungkung, in hopes that she would receive help with both her hearing and her education.  As you can understand, even for the children who do have family, it's difficult for them to communicate effectively with a child who cannot hear...let alone get them an education, as  normal schooling is not possible.  These families in the outer villages of Bali have no hope of being able to afford the type of money needed to fit a child with hearing aids and get them specialised help with their speech and education.

Ketut is sponsored by a young Perth family, themselves
having two daughters around Ketut's age.  Having given Bikabele some wonderful support, the decided it was time to focus their support on one child who really needed some assistance.  So in this case, Ketut Oktariani was the lucky girl.

Ketut was fitted up with her new hearing aids on 21st December 2010, and since then has actively participated in speech therapy classes and also schooling at the orphanage.  She is attended to each month by the hearing technicians from Lumina, who visit the orphanages to check the children's ears for wax, check their aids are working, do any repairs, supply any replacement moulds/tubes and replacement batteries.  She is reported as progressing well and looks after her hearing aid devices well.  She is a sweet little girl with a beautiful smile, a very gentle nature and appears quite intelligent.  We believe she will do well.

Ketut Oktariani is also taking part in the Bikabele run Traditional Balinese Dance lessons at the orphanage, since being fitted with her hearing aids.  The traditional dance is extremely important to the Balinese Hindu's, and forms a very spiritual part of their ceremonies and how they express themselves..  To date we have only seen Ketut dance the once, though she certainly seemed to be doing quite well with her dance skills.

Bikabele was fortunate to be in Bali at the same time 
as Ketut Oktariani's sponsor family and we went together to Klungkung for them to meet their sponsor child.  Young Mia & Jordy, took to their new sister, Ketut like you wouldn't believe, and the love was returned very much from Ketut.  They bonded beautifully and had a great time playing together, as well as with the other young girls at the orphanage.  Language was no barrier, lack of verbal skills was no barrier, it was a beautiful sight to witness, and sisterly bonds were formed that I believe will last a lifetime.

UPDATES:  Will be provided here from 2013 as available

PHOTOGRAPHS:  More photos will be added below, as they become available

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