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Date of Birth:  24 September , 2004
From:  Denpasar, Bali
Orphanage:  Bikabele Swara-Swari Institute (Pre-School for Hearing Impaired)
Proudly Sponsored by:  CHRISTINA BUBRZYCKI
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Darrel joined the Bikabele Hearing Aid Program, during his time of attending Bikabele Swara-Swari Institute (pre-school for deaf children) in Denpasar.  He is a particularly bright and delightful little boy who manages to capture your attention easily with his big brown eyes and gorgeous and sometimes cheeky smile.  Swara-Swari pre-school is run by Narno Supangat, who worked with us initially to set up and run the Hearing Aid Program, and now successfully runs Swara-Swari, helping many young children progress to mainstream schooling.

Most of our children in the Bikabele Hearing Aid Program are 
based at two orphanages for disabled children which we support.  Darrel is unique, in as much as his family live in Denpasar, and he enrolled at Bikabele Swara-Swari, and being in need of hearing aids which his family could not afford, he was generously sponsored by a young Perth lady to help him along in life during 2008.

Darrel then was fortunate enough to receive concentrated Speech Therapy at Swara-Swari which is really the best form of treatment available in Bali, which any child with new hearing aids could possibly receive.

Darrel always had a big cuteness factor.  He attended with the other Swara-Swari children to the dance festival Bikabele arranged in Tanjung Benoa in 2009, attended also by all the children from the 2 orphanages, and he had everyone's attention.  He is one of those little boys who just catches your eye, big brown eyes, a cheeky little grin, and a little cheeky but beautiful personality.  He was a little bit of a star that day, and readily coming to Bikabele founders to sit on laps or receive a hug, but also performing on the stage in song and dance.

Bikabele caught up with Darrel at Swara-Swari again during 2010 and he was still excelling at everything, attending speech therapy and being his cute little self.

It was expected by 2011 Darrel would be attending
mainstream  schooling, which is the ultimate aim of Swara-Swari - develop the children's speech sufficiently that they have no reason not to attend normal schooling.  We will write to Narno from Swara-Swari, and even though Narno is reluctant to converse in english, we will see if we can get an update on Darrel.  With Swara-Swari being less reliant on Bikabele for funds, unfortunately we've not managed to visit there since 2011, when Darrel was not present.

With Darrel's little get up and go attitude, we are confident he will progress very well, and that will be capped off with his terrific little personality.  He's such a beautiful young boy, and we all wish him very well.

UPDATES:  Any news will be posted here - as available

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