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Date of Birth:  24 April , 1998
From:  Klungkung, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  BERNICE & BILL MARWICK
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Gusti Ayu Nila Cahyani, born 24th April 1998 comes from Semarapura in Klungkung, so is local to the area of the orphanage she attends.   Being with hearing challenges she was enrolled at the orphanage in hopes she might receive that assistance, and fortunately, with thanks to her sponsor family she has.

Ayu was tested and being she qualified for
Hearing Aids was fitted up in 2008 with her 2 behind-the-ear hearing aids, and started Speech therapy at the Klungkung orphanage.  She also attends schooling within the orphanage grounds as well, as do the other children.

Ayu, when we first met her, was quiet, and a little shy - however, you could always see that little sparkle in her eye, just waiting to burst out.   And since being in the Hearing Aid Program, now she can hear and can learn to develop her speech skills, we are very pleased to see that her sparkle has blossomed, very much.   She is a beautiful young girl, she is bright, she is intelligent and she now seems to be quite happy with her little lot.  You can only imagine, what a difference all of a sudden having the ability to hear would make on a child's life..we see it often and Ayu is a great example of where a child just needs that help with their hearing in order to blossom to their full potential and have a much brighter future.

Ayu is just a joy, she is so appreciative of what she has received from her sponsors, and she is always ready to show her appreciation when Bikabele visit.  She also jumped at the chance to participate in the Traditional Balinese Dance lessons which Bikabele encouraged and funded to commence at the orphanage so the children, who were given the gift of sound, could now learn their all important spiritual dancing skills.  Out of all the girls at Klungkung, Ayu is the one who has probably shone the most 
in the dancing. Together with her petite build, her beautiful face, add a dancing costume and some dance makeup, and she is simply stunning - and she dances beautifully as well.  She is always happy and proud to demonstrate to Bikabele her dancing skills, and the children like to dance as their way of saying 'terima kasih' (thank you).

Ayu is popular amongst the children at the orphanage, she's bright and happy, very studious and will join in any activity with a smile on her face, pretty much relishing the opportunities she now has in front of her, and soaking them up.  We think Ayu, with the help of her sponsors, is going to do quite nicely for herself, and look forward to watching her further develop with her speech and personal growth.

UPDATES:  Will be provided here from 2013 onward, as available.

PHOTOGRAPHS:  We will update the below photo library of Ayu as new photos become available.


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