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Date of Birth:  08 July , 2001
From:  Br. Gingsir, Desa Akah, Klungkung, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  CHRIS & YVONNE KERNS
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
We met young Kadek Dwi Yudistiawan at age 6 when he began attending Panti Asuhan Semara Putra (orphanage) in Klungkung.  As is often the case, the children with hearing difficulties (or any other challenge for that matter) begin attending or living at the orphanage due to their challenges in life.  The family or guardian of the child realises the child has a medical problem that they have no hope of being able to afford to get the child help.

Panti Asuhan Semara Putra is classified as an orphanage for the disabled children.  Hence the seemingly high number of hearing-impaired children - but really the orphanage has become known to the local region as a place where the hearing impaired kids can receive some help through Bikabele's Hearing Aid Program.

Dwi was sponsored by his sponsor family, and joined the program and once fully tested and meeting the criteria, was fitted up with his hearing aids.  Since that time he has participated not only in schooling classes at the orphanage, but also the Speech Therapy classes, along with other programs at the
orphanage home.

He is a sweet young boy, has a beautiful little smile on his face and actively joins in playing with his fellow "brothers and sisters" of the orphanage  and receiving his education.   He comes across as being quite a bright young boy - really quite a typical lad in every sense, and appears to be quite popular within his group of friends.  He is always happy to see Bikabele founders when they visit, and we are equally happy to see his smiling, sometimes cheeky little face as well.

Dwi should progress through the Hearing Aid Program well, and grow and blossom further as time goes on.  Sometimes he needs to be reminded to put his hearing aids on - easily slipping back into old habits of communicating through sign language, however, this is at times not uncommon, particularly for young boys.  Bikabele will persist in encouraging Dwi in the right direction, as will the orphanage and speech therapist and Lumina, our hearing specialists.  He's a good little kid, cute even...very!  We'd just love for him to be a cute kid with good hearing and speech... we will report more soon.

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