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Date of Birth:  07 January , 2001
From:  Klungkung, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  TRACEY TUBMAN
Sponsors location: New Zealand
Update of your child’s progress
Putu Dedik Aditya Putra is a young boy who joined the Semara Putra orphanage in Klungkung due to his hearing challenges.  Sometimes these children are placed here, because their parents or guardians have no way known to be able to afford the medical treatment required to help them, and to give them the specialist teaching in order for them to gain an education.

He joined as quite a very quiet, shy little boy, which is understandable when you consider they live in a world of silence.  Fortunately for Dedik he was sponsored to join the Bikabele Hearing Aid Program and finally started to receive the help he needed.  He has been fitted up with 2 behind-the-ear hearing aids and now participates fully in the Speech Therapy program at the orphanage.

We believe Dedik returns mostly to his family home of an evening, then bought back in the mornig to spend most of his days at the orphanage - which includes his speech therapy time and his schooling, plus playing with the other 

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Whilst he is still a relatively quiet little boy, we can certainly see his confidence growing and he really does enjoy the company of his little 'brothers and sisters' at the orphanage.  He joins in with anything that the other children are doing, quite happily, and works on his speech skills.   Putu Dedik needs to keep working hard on his speech therapy, and remember to wear his hearing aids more often.  He is certainly given every opportunity to continue in the program at the Klungkung orphanage and develop his speech.  Little Dedik unfortunately is not the most enthusiastic of all the children, however, we will persist and hope that we can make some progress towards a brighter future for him. 

He still gets his ears checked each month, and his hearing aids, providing he is wearing them when he arrives at the orphanage in the mornings.  There were some repairs done to his hearing aids a few months ago, so we are hopeful he will get to learn the hearing aids will be maintained if he will wear them and learn with them.  Fortunately, Bikabele wont give up easily to encourage him to reap the rewards of a marvellous sponsorship he has received which will be to his benefit in the long term.  Sometimes little boys, like to be just that...little boys.  We will continue to monitor his habits, and ask  Ibu Made to encourage him as much as possible, which we have no doubt she is doing already.  Step by step with Dedik.

UPDATES:  Will be posted here from January 2013 - as available 
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PHOTOGRAPHS:  We will provide updated photos as we are able to obtain them.

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