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Date of Birth:  03 July , 1998
From:  Br. Tauman Nyuh Tebel, Karangasem, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Sponsors location: Joondalup, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Ni Kadek Yulianti born on 3rd July 1998, has just one of those faces that tends to melt your heart.

Yulianti is the first sponsored child by a group who call themselves "Friends of Bikabele" - a group of residents within the Lake Joondalup Lifestyle Village who give Bikabele an immense amount of support.  However, it all started back in 2007, when they started by sponsoring young Yulianti, who was at the time, 9 years old.

Having hearing challenges, Yulianti was tested and it was reported, yes, she would receive benefit from being fitted with hearing aids, and so we went through with the process of getting her fitted with her devices, and joining her in the Speech Therapy program to develop her voice and learn to speak.

As with the other children Yulianti also attends school classes at the orphanage school. 

Yulianti is an active partipant in the Traditional Dance Program instigated by and 
fantastic watches copy audemars piguet royal oak funded through Bikabele - to give opportunity for these children to learn what is an important part of the Hindu Balinese culture.  In fact, she is the youngest girl who forms part of the core group of dancers at this stage, who regularly perform at Ceremonies, whether they are at the orphanage for a special occassion, or sometimes even outside of the orphanage when the children are invited to put on a traditional dance.  That in itself, is pretty special!  And Yulianti is quite a good little dancer too, she certainly holds her own and keeps up with the older girls, so well done Yulianti!

We do know Yulianti has a father, as we have met him on a couple of occassions when he has visited the orphanage for ceremonies that Bikabele has also attended, and he has expressed his immense gratitude for the support Bikabele and sponsors have afforded his little girl.  He is so very proud of her, and deeply pleased she can now perform dance at ceremonies. 

In 2008, some of the members of "Friends of Bikabele" visited the orphanage twice along with Bikabele founders, and Yulianti's father had some of them virtually in tears, when he told them very sincerely, how much their support meant to him and his little girl.
Yulianti also has a younger brother, Dwi Ariawan, and we have recently learnt that he may also have some hearing difficulties, and he is now spending time at the orphanage also.  So he will soon be hopefully sponsored to receive similar help to Yulianti and the other children.

You could only describe Yulianti as a beautiful young girl, she's got a lovely nature, is quiet and gentle, another child who will make sure you notice she is there without making any big scene, and who likes to just quietly catch your eye as she sits quietly and let you know, she is glad to see you again by giving you a little smile.

She's been seen by Bikabele carrying out her chores, so is obviously a great little help around the orphanage.  Though, this orphanage has very good disciplinary guidance by the carers, and we are sure most of the children do their share around to help out.  They certainly don't ever seem to shrug off anything that is asked of them, from what we witness.

"Friends of Bikabele" we know how proud you are of your sponsored children, who you met in on the trip in 2008, and you sure wouldn't be disappointed in Yulianti's growth and development and also cuteness in the last four years, you'd only love her more.

UPDATES:   Will be posted from now on, as available

PHOTOGRAPHS:   We will add to the Yulianti's photo library below as more pictures become available


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