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Date of Birth:  11 November , 1995
From:  Kecicang Islam, Karangasem, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Proudly Sponsored by:  JENNIFER BEAZLEY
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Amirudin, born 11th November 1995 has been at the orphanage, pretty much as long as we have been visiting and offering support to the children there.

Being hearing impaired, he was sponsored, by a Perth lady, Jennifer, underwent the normal testing procedures and identified as he would receive benefit from having hearing aids fitted.  So upon that advice from the Audiologists we ask he be fitted and commence the Speech Therapy program.

Amirudin is a lovely young boy,  Of course, there is no child at the orphanages that we don't love to bits, but there are just some who for whatever the reason may be, the way they act when you are there, whatever it is, they just hold a special place in your heart.  Well Amirudin is one of those kids.  In his own way he is reasonably quiet, however, that doesn't mean he doesn't like a bit of boy fun and messing about at times.  He certainly has some great friendships between the other children, though more often than not, he keeps the company of the boys that are just that little bit quieter than some can be at times.

As you can imagine, any time we visit, the kids can get very excited, and it can be a frenzy of activity to give out hugs and hellos to all the children, many of them struggling to contain their excitement - well in fact, some just don't contain it at all.  And this is added to by of course the teachers and carers, all wanting to welcome us.  And then you get the Amirudin's of the world.  If he hasn't been first in line, because he wasn't at the right place at the right time, he will wait, but he will come up to you when things quieten down, and give you a tap on the arm and a nod of the head, almost as if to say, hey here I am, please don't forget me.  Or it maybe he will come up to you later in your visit, another tap on the arm, and a nod of the head
rolex replica and a nod at your camera hanging around your neck, basically asking can you take my photo please.  He is really just a gem of a boy, and we love him lots.

Amirudin attends his school classes within the orphanage school, as do all the other children, this is 6 days a week.  And then he has his regular speech therapy classes also.  Once a month Lumina, our hearing specialists will visit the orphanage and check the children's ears for wax, test their hearing aids, make any repairs they can while on site (or take any broken hearing aids back to Denpasar to endeavour to fix them and return them) and also give out battery supplies for the hearing aids.

Amirudin seems to like art and craft type activities.  On a number of occassions he has taken one of us aside and pinted out an art piece and indicated he helped with it or did it himself.  He doesn't boast, he just wants to show you and you can sense his pride just by the sheer fact he wants to show you what he has done.  He doesn't participate at all in the traditional dance, and whilst it's not something we don't ask about, nor care at all about, it is quite possible Amirudin maybe a muslim boy, so this would mean the dancing would not be relevant to his religion and he would not participate - as this is part of the Hindu culture.   And maybe that's why he likes to show us his artwork just to say quietly, I'm an achiever also.

We have no doubt that Amirudin is very bright and intelligent, he has a lovely little nature and mixes well with everyone, including all the children.  He just loves when Bikabele visits and shows total respect, and is another child that you can tell, even though he cannot communicate to us in our language, that he fully understands who we are and why we visit, and he totally appreciates the support.

UPDATES:   Will be posted from now on, as available

PHOTOGRAPHS:   We will add to the photo library below, as more become available


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