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Date of Birth:  31 August , 1995
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Ni Kadek Indrayani - or Indrayani as she is known, is a lovely, gentle natured girl who has been sponsored by the Graham family of Perth to assist with her hearing difficulties.

After her initial tests which automatically take place once any child is sponsored, and the Audiologist agreeing that the child will benefit from Hearing Aids, Indrayani was fitted with her Hearing Aids in 2007 and commenced Speech Therapy.  She also receives schooling at the Orphanage, and we'd have to say she has probably been at the orphanage every visit we've made since we first met her.

Anyone who knows the Balinese, would say Indrayani is very typical of a Balinese female, very gentle by nature, quiet and pleasant.  And that is exactly what she is.  She is a gorgeous young girl.  She will just give you a gentle touch on the arm, like I'm here for my hug please, in her own time, but she will never fail to come to you.  Then she may just sit quietly amongst the other children, (some of them at times are quite boisterous, as kids can be) and she looks, hoping she catches your eye and you give her a little smile and she acknowledges you back, and you know from her manner, that she understands fully who we are and why we are there - to provide support for her and all the other children.  Indrayani just knows and she respects.

She has a lovely friendship with the other girls around her own age, they all get along very well together and are united in their orphanage sisterhood.

Indrayani fully participates in the Traditional Dance Program.  As hard as it is to identify some of the girls when they have their dance costumes on and full makeup - if you watch closely, sure enough, there's Indrayani in amongst the other girls, dancing beautifully and pleased to display her dancing skills that she has learnt through this program.  She is a very delicate and beautiful young dancer, and you can tell she enjoys it and works hard to perfect her technique.  The core group of girls and boys who have really embraced the dancing, have been outside the orphanage and danced at different ceremonies and even some weddings, they really enjoy their dancing and have worked hard at it. They enjoy to dance for Bikabele and supporters as a form of thanks for the 
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We also have to be thankful for their beautiful dancing teacher, she works hard with them and has helped them to achieve such a high level of dancing skill.  The traditional dance is a very important part of the Hindu Balinese culture, and it is important that any child who wishes, has the opportunity to learn this tradition art.

We have no doubts at all that Indrayani is very astute in her school work, and helping around the orphanage, doing her share of duties, and helping where she can.  Just such a respectful, gentle and loving soul, that you can't help but adore.

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