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Hello From ZAKARIA
Date of Birth:  31 December , 1997
From:  Karangsokong, Karangasem, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Proudly Sponsored by:  LEIGH & NIGEL HAYES
Sponsors location: Brisbane, Queensland
Update of your child’s progress
Zakaria joined the Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya orphanage in Karangasem probably in the year after Bikabele started to visit.  His mother had him join, because of his hearing problems.  We have actually met the mother once, and also Zakaria's younger sister, when there was a ceremony at the orphanage for the blessing of the Vegetable Garden that we put in place for them.  You will see a photo below of Zakaria with his sister sitting next to him and she wears a pretty white satin dress.

The orphanages which Bikabele support, are classified as Disabled Children's Orphanages.  So it doesn't mean all the children are orphans, it means they can be an orphan or they can have some disability and the parents, guardians or family have placed them in the orphanage in hopes they have a far better chance of some form of education and also perhaps assistance with their disability.

Zakaria has been sponsored by a couple, Leigh & Nigel in Queensland, Australia, and they have remained in contact with Bikabele ever since and love to hear of Zakaria's progress and see updated photos.  They have also sent some gifts to be given to Zakaria in some of our visits, which is lovely.  We always love it when sponsors take an active interest in their sponsored child.

Zakaria joined as a very shy little boy, and when you can't hear, one would expect nothing less really.  He has participated in Speech Therapy from the time of receiving his hearing aids and is attending school classes at the orphanage as well.
Whilst he has certainly grown, and you can see signs of his confidence also growing, he still remains a fairly quiet boy, although he does very much enjoy the company of his orphanage brothers and sisters.  He enjoys playing with them and interacting with them and appears to have some very close friends, which is always lovely to see.  It appears one of his best friends is Amirudin, they are usually found together - Amirudin is a lovely young lad also in the Hearing Program.

Even though Zakaria is reasonably quiet, he still is always happy to greet us with a handshake or a hug.  Deep down you sense he fully understands the support through Bikabele, he just doesn't openly communicate it as much as some may.  But given more time we are hopeful he will grow more in confidence in front of people who aren't in his life daily.  He certainly doesn't appear to have any problems getting along with the other children in the orphanage or with the carers and teachers.

As with some of the younger boys in particular, Zakaria hasn't taken a great deal of 
replica rado watches in discount interest in the Traditional Dance Program.  He will have been involved in lessons, but like anything, not every program suits every child or peaks their interest.  Perhaps the new Computer Skills program might peak his interest?  You can just sense Zakaria is now starting to mature and get that little bit more confidence.  He is starting to give the occassional smile for photos.  I think it's only a matter of time and Zakaria will be as confident as most of the children, lets hope 2013 is his year to blossom.

UPDATES:   Will be posted here from now on, as available

PHOTOGRAPHS:   We will load more photos as we can obtain more in the below library for Zakaria


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