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Date of Birth:  10 December , 1996
From:  BTN. Galiran, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Proudly Sponsored by:  MARK KERNS
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
I Nengah Diki Sujana (Diki) is a delightful young lad who joined the orphanage not so long after we started visiting there in Karangasem.  He is obviously hearing impaired and has been sponsored by Mark, a son of 2 Bikabele founders, Bill and Kay.

Upon receiving hearing aids, Diki commenced Speech Therapy as part of the program and has always been a willing participant from all reports.  He is quite young by nature, Diki loves playing around with the other kids....he just enjoys being a young boy and doing things what all kids should be allowed to do.

Diki is one who we noticed a boost in his self esteem once he had his hearing aids fitted, and you could just see him bloom from there.  He used to always put on the little serious face, but after awhile we noticed, he always seemed to have a smile on his face, and it's a lovely smile too.  He is a happy boy, and he enjoys the company of his orphange brothers and sisters.

He has a lovely temperament, and has always been happy to meet and greet willingly with Bikabele founders when we arrive, and is always in line to say his farewells when he sees we are about to leave.

The traditional dance doesn't seem to be Diki's thing, we think he's too busy having fun with some of the other boys who don't particularly wish to persue dance, however, he would of received lessons during the program and at least have a basic understanding of the dance.  Personally I think he'd rather go climb a tree and do those boy things, and that's Diki, and that's all good.  No-one can every deny kids being kids, and it's nice to see, and to Bikabele aside from the help with the Gift of Sound, it's also about the children being happy and well cared for.  If we can teach them some skills along the way to help them along with later life, then that's just a little bit better.  And we are sure Diki has no problems learning, he seems an intelligent enough young guy.  But really who wants to learn, when you can play?!!

We learnt recently during a visit, upon noticing Diki wasn't at the orphanage, that his family had moved from living close by to the orphanage, across to the neighbouring island of Lombok.  We don't know specifically the reasons for this move, one would think work opportunities for the father or mother, but obviously, his parents felt Diki has advanced sufficiently and they were comfortable to move away with him and think it wouldn't be to his disadvantage.
Many of the children in the Disabled specialised orphanages, do have some family, if not parent/s, and they are placed in the orphanage to assist with specialised schooling and with the small hope that they may get some outside assistance with their disability through the tourist visits, or in Diki's case, through Bikabele's visits and our wonderful supporters.   One can only assume Diki's family are satisfied he has developed, learnt and grown sufficiently to warrant they can move him away and he'll still be ok.

Given Diki's vibrant nature, and given he certainly would not have any problems in making friends, we are fairly confident he will do well in life, he seems to have strength in his character and we are sure he'll grow into a fine young man with a good future.

The Orphanage and Lumina, our hearing specialists know that Diki is welcome to receive tests, checkups and hearing aid maintenance should he ever have the opportunity to return to Island Bali and the orphanage.   We will ask if they do have any contact from his family, to let us know, but being on a separate island now, once would have to think this is likely to be remote.

We can do little more than wish Diki a very bright and happy 
good watches copy tag heuer link future and hope he keeps his playful nature and big smile.  Take care Diki, best wishes from Mark and all at Bikabele

UPDATES:   If we do receive any updates, we'll be sure to post them here



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