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Hello From LUSIANA
Date of Birth:  24 August , 1995
From:  Nyuling, Amlapura, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Proudly Sponsored by:  GLENN & LAURELLE DEVER
Sponsors location: Brisbane, Queensland
Update of your child’s progress
Lusiana is a lovely young girl, turning to young lady actually now, who has been at Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya as long as we've been visiting the Karangasem based orphanage.

She is quite shy by nature, usually sitting back in the background. Some children almost rush up to greet you, Lusiana tends to sit back and allow you to come to her, but she is a lovely.  Don't worry, we still ensure she gets a big hug, no child misses out.

Once sponsored, like the other children, Lusiana went through all the initial testing and was deemed as would benefit from having hearing aids fitted, so they were ordered, moulded and fitted  before she commenced in the Speech Therapy program to develop her voice and speech.

Lusiana, is probably at the orphanage around 80-90% of the times we have visited, which indicates she does have family to return regularly to.  It is common that the children will return to their family's village at times of important religious ceremonies, and given Lusiana's village is nearby we can assume she returns to spend time with her family often, which is nice to know.  As with any child, it's healthy for them to spend time with their family when possible, so we don't have any issues.  Though we also know she is active in the programs at the orphanage, and that includes receiving her schooling at the orphanage school plus the speech lessons.
What has also been found is the children who do return to their homes regularly, receive more coaching by the parents to use their voice, and this can be a big advantage.  At the orphanage it's too easy for all the hearing impaired children to fall back to their sign language for communication for ease, when outside of lessons or school.

Lusiana has also participated in the LifeSkills program where the children learnt AKTA weaving - a traditional and local craft to the Karangasem region, whereby coasters, placemats and trinklet boxes, etc are weaved from the root of the AKTA tree.  This craft is sold all over Bali.  They girls also have learnt to knit and crochet in the Lifeskills program.

She also learns the traditional dancing, though she doesn't seem to be as fond of the dancing as some of the other girls.  But, we can't all be good at everything, we are certain she has talents, and it's very possible with her shyness, she doesn't like to perform in front of others, which is a common trait for some children.

With Lusiana's very gentle nature, we are certain she would share in her fair share of chores at the 
high-quality watches fake rolex submariner orphanage, we couldn't ever see her being rebellious by any means at all.  This particular orphanage does instill very good discipline into the children though, and it's hard to find any child here that you would even begin to think might be rebellious or not contribute their share around the orphanage, Lusiana certainly would be a long way from causing any great concern we are sure.  She is just a genuinely lovely quiet young lady, more on the shy side, but who seems to be doing quite well.

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