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Date of Birth:  14 April , 1992
From:  Br. Pengawan Sibetan
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Proudly Sponsored by:  ORANJE TRACTOR WINES
Sponsors location: Albany, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Putu Agus Darmanta (known as Darmanta) is another lad who has been at the Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya orphanage in the Karangasem district since Bikabele first started to visit there to offer support.

Once sponsored, Darmanta went through the usual full testing to see if hearing aids would indeed help with his hearing problems, and was identified as "will be assisted".  So  in 2007 he was fitted up with his aids, which coincided with a couple of other children being fitted with theirs.  We thought it beneficial to the children to get fitted in small groups, so each little group was sharing the same new experiences (& potentially a few little fears) together at that initial time of testing and fitting.

Darmanta is very much a constant at the orphanage,  He always seems to be there every visit we make.  This is a great sign for us, in as much we have total confidence that he is receiving maximum schooling, but also importantly participating fully in the speech therapy program to help develop his voice and speech.

Darmanta has grown from a boy to a young man in the time we have known him, and just typing this has made me realise he is actually 20 years old as I look at his birth date.  So this would make him now, after a few have left one of the oldest at the orphanage.   The orphanage don't expect the children to leave if they can still be assisted and they don't have somewhere better to go.  If they can they will help them find work before they would ever move on.

He seems to be an astute enough young man, always acknowledging us when we visit - he doesn't necessarily get too close to us, in as much as he's not a huggy sort of lad, but we can usually fit one in.  Darmanta seems very mild mannered, quite mature and has been seen doing as asked by his carers with respect, seems quite willing to participate in helping around the orphanage.  Just from our observations, we doubt he would give too much cause for concern on anything.   He usually of course, is with the older boys and they all have a good friendship happening and enjoy each others company.

Darmanta has fully participated in the Traditional Dance program that we introduced and fund at the orphanage.  Every time there is an occassion for dance, he forms part of the dance team, and is also a very good dancer.  They are very blessed at Karangasem with a lovely dancing teacher, who spends a lot of time and has a lovely calm temperament with the children, in fact she's is just a lovely lady. We've met her often and we are very grateful for her help.  She has developed many of the children into beautiful dancers, and Darmanta certainly has great dancing skills now, and is happy to show us when the occassion arises.  The kids do love dancing for us to show how they've learnt, and it is a form of them showing their appreciation to Bikabele.  You can actually see how proud they are when they do dance for us.  Darmanta is of quite strong build, moreso than most Balinese - though this does not stop him from performing the intracacies of Balinese dance.

It's always a pleasure to see Darmanta.  We have to wonder how much longer we'll have the pleasure of his company when we visit, given his age, but at this stage, we'll enjoy each chance we have to catch up with him just like we are sure he enjoys the company of his younger brothers and sisters at the orphanage.

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