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Date of Birth:  28 July , 1995
From:  Nyuling, Amlapura, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Proudly Sponsored by:  Ian Mitchell
Sponsors location: Melbourne, Victoria
Update of your child’s progress
Yurae Dahlia is a beautiful young girl who has resided at the Karangasem orphanage, for as long as Bikabele has been visiting this orphange to offer them support.  The Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya orphanage is classified for disabled children.  This cover hearing impaired children, mentally challenged children, or any other form of disability.  Though by far the majority of children are hearing impaired, with the next most common being mental illness.

Born on 28th July 1995, Yurae was  around 11 years old when we first visited and had hearing challenges.  As a sponsor became available, Yurae was afforded the opportunity to participate in our Hearing Aid Program, to be tested and fitted, once deemed as being useful, to help her with her hearing.

Yurae is a lovely quiet natured girl, very polite and always very respectful.  In fact, we should take our hats off to the carers and teachers at this Karangasem orphanage, they really are running a very good orphanage, most of the children are disciplined (not unkindly by any means) but also show a huge amount of respect to visitors.  We really do love going to visit these children, they are just genuinely gorgeous kids, and Yurae is certainly no different.

Yurae has participated in our Speech Therapy program from the time of receiving her hearing aids in 2007, and like most, has worked to develop her voice (which normally starts off with screeches and squawks), into a voice where she can pronounce words, and eventually start putting sentences together.  It's relatively difficult for Bikabele to get a full picture of how the children are going with their speech, as they are learning their own language, Bahasa Indonesia, and we don't know the language, or only the very simple basics of it.  However, we are told by her teachers that Yurae is learning well.

As with all the children, because they are living in an environment of say a couple of dozen hearing impaired children, all at different stages of their speech therapy, and some who are yet to be sponsored for hearing aids, they do still communicate a lot with their sign and body language so they can be understood by all their peers, and it's the only way they've know up to the time they receive their hearing aids.  But the speech therapy is also to encourage their new form of communication, and we do witness the children using a combination of speech and sign language when communicating with their teachers, which shows us progress is being made.

Yurae has embraced all the programs Bikabele has put in place at the orphanage, whether that be the AKTA root weaving, which is a traditional craft of the Karangasem region, weaving up little placemats or trinklet boxes and coasters etc.  Or in particular the Traditional Dance Program where we fund for a dancing teacher to teach them the art of Balinese traditional dance.  Yurae is a beautiful young dancer.  She has always been in the program since it started, and seems to always form part of the dancing group, no matter the occassion.  She is very good and seems very happy and confident to display her dancing skill to all when there is an occassion.

When they dance, the children have their full makeup applied, (it's an important part of the dancing for their religion, so is respected as so) and for us it can actually be quite difficult for us to identify which girl is which when they have their full make up on.  But over time we have become used to it and can now more easily recognise the girls complete with makeup.  The boys seem to be a little easier to recognise.  Yurae naturally is a very pretty girl, and then once she is in her dance costume with her makeup, she is simply stunning. 

Yurae is always happy to see Bikabele visit and comes and says hello, gives us a big hug and shows her respect to us, and never misses to say farewell before we leave.  She's never attention seeking or anything, she is just quietly there, with the other girls usually, doing their thing, whether they be just talking or playing some game together, normally just doing girl things, she seems quite content.  She would share in her part of chores at the orphanage, the orphanage carers do encourage the children to have chores and take some responsibility in the daily routines, and Yurae we believe would certainly contribute every bit her share, without any problems.  She has a lovely nature, and we doubt she would ever give reason for concern amongst the carers and teachers and her peers who she mixes extremely well with.

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