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Date of Birth:  11 October , 1994
From:  Br. Pengawan Sibetan
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Proudly Sponsored by:  WILMA & HUGH YOUNG, COLIN & LIZ STEVENS
Sponsors location: Sydney, NSW and Toodyay, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
I Wayan Pande Aditya (Pande) was also a young lad who was at Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya orphanage from the time that Bikabele first started visiting the children there.

Two couples who are good friends of the Bikabele founders, decided they would like to support a child to the "gift of sound", when they attended a Quiz Night which was doing general fundraising for some of Bikabele's general programs.  And the boy's name and photo on their table was young Pande.  So they asked if they could sponsor him to a better life with hearing, and they did.

In  2007, after going through all the initial testing which is carried out, Pande was fitted up with his new hearing aids - at the same time as some of his young friends, who also were fortunate to be sponsored.

When writing up a little overview on each child, on these individual pages, we try hard to portray a bit of the child's personality as we at Bikabele see that child during our numerous visits.  Whilst of course to Bikabele, we think all the children are beautiful and special, but they, like any child have their own personalities and traits.

So...what can we say about Pande?  Well, what a little livewire.   Pande is an energetic, happy and sometimes mischievious young lad, but not mischievious in a bad way.  He makes you laugh.  He is just here there and everywhere, photo bombing photos, play fighting to get in the front of photos, but always with the biggest smile on his face.  Though in saying that, he is also very respectful towards everyone.
He is a popular boy with his peers, and he not only gets along well with the other children his age, but he will go and pick up a young toddler in the room and look after them as well and play with them.  Definitely not a boy who likes sitting back in the background, everywhere you look, there is Pande.

Though, Pande also had a serious side, whether it be his speech therapy classes where he focussed intently to learn to speak once he had his hearing aids... or whether it be the Lifeskills Program where the children were taught to weave with the AKTA root of a tree, he was there learning the skill....and would be very keen to show Bikabele his skills that he had learnt when we visited, and put on a demonstration for us.  He was keen to show us his progress in a form of appreciation.  And he certainly did appreciate his sponsors's and Bikabele's support, that was most obvious.

He also fully embraced the Traditional Dance Program, where the children were taught the skill of Balinese Ceremonial dancing, once they could now hear the music, and he really danced very well.  Pande was always in the dance group whenever Bikabele had dances done for them, or there was a ceremony we were present at, where the children danced.  Or even in the Dance Festival which Bikabele arranged in June 2009 in Tanjung Benoa for all the orphanage children.  He was always there, and proudly showed us his dancing skills, and took things like this very seriously.

But as soon as the dance was over, his cheeky grin would be back on his face and he'd turn back into that little playful, fun-loving boy that he was.  He was always the young lad with a different hair do every time we visited, he was just the little boy you couldn't help but love him and his beautiful personality.  He wanted to be in every photo, but the camera wanted to also follow him, as he just made you laugh with his beautiful fun-loving nature.

Two of Pande's sponsors travelled with Bikabele founders to Bali one time, so they could go and meet their Pande.  As is always the case, it's a beautiful moment to witness a sponsor meet their own child, and child meet sponsor.   Colin and Wilma gave their young Pande big hugs and a gift of new clothes, which he excitedly opened, and clearly was very pleased.  And a photo of their group which was explained to him by his head carer.  The smile on his face was as big as you've ever seen.  The one memorable thing, apart from Pande's obvious appreciation to his new family, was the moment that Wilma bent down, lifted the hair over her ear, and pointed to her own hearing aids to show Pande.  The look on his face was just priceless.  With the widest eyes and mouth gaped open, you could read exactly what his mind was thinking.  Oh my gosh, this lady who is from another country, who speaks a funny language I don't understand, yet she is exactly like me!!  It really was just gold, and the bond between them was truly cemented.  He was the happiest little boy in the orphanage, and I think perhaps his Sponsors were totally in love with their young fella.  

Pande's sponsored always followed and asked about Pande, everytime they new we visited, they'd be in touch to see how he was.... they contributed more than just his sponsorship, they wanted to buy him shoes and clothes, they bought all the children a stereo, now they were one by one getting hearing, they wanted them to enjoy music, they were very generous.  Always wanting to know if there was something Pande needed and genuinely wanting to help him any way they could.   This is truly the magic of these sponsorships, the beauty of meeting your child, and in a sense, adopting them as your own and wanting to care for their wellbeing as they really become another family member in a way.  It's really a very special relationship.

Pande continued to grow and develop, and learn everything he possibly could learn.  He was eager to learn, he was eager to demonstrate to us always anything he had learnt.  This was his way of showing us his appreciation.

The time came when we visited one day, only to be told that Pande had left the orphanage and gone out to work.  This is always a hard time for Bikabele and sponsors, and probably one we fear to an extent.  However, by the same token, it's a sign of total success in everything we at Bikabele, jointly with the child's sponsor, and all supporters of Bikabele, have been able to offer that child over the previous number of years that we've gotten to know them.  The fact the child now can hear and communicate in the big wide world, the fact they have received a reasonable education, with the help of their hearing aids, and the skills they may of picked up with the various programs put in place, whether it be LifeSkills or farming their own vegetables, or breeding fish, they are all valuable skills - and also of course the tireless work by the orphanage carers and teachers.  But also, the confidence of the child, which is always enhanced once they can hear properly and start to communicate with others outside their own hearing-impaired friends - it's all important, and helps that child, whoever they are to move forward.

So we take the sadness, along with the joy, that yes, we have helped Pande, and now he is out there earning himself an income to support himself as a motorbike mechanic, mixing with normal hearing folk and getting on with life.  With that, we and the Sponsors, really have to be very happy that we have made a difference.

We've heard Pande has - in his usual style of jumping about everywhere at the orphanage, changed jobs a couple of times, but to our knowledge he is still a motorbike mechanic.  At least he still has work, and who are we to question, maybe each time he went for better wages?  We don't know.

As soon as Pande's sponsors heard he was out working, again they were onto Bikabele, is he OK, does he need help to purchase clothes or food or rent.  Their desire to continue to help is still there, like us, they will always want to know how their Pande is doing and is he ok.   We continue to ask at the orphanage every visit, have they seen Pande, where is he, we'd like to visit him, but we are yet to get the answers of how to find him, except he is in Denpasar.

Wayan our loyal driver/translator and volunteer Bikabele assistant in Bali explained to us in November 2012, this is normal.  When a child goes away to work in Denpasar, the parents dont know where the work, where they live, they only know they are working in Denpasar in a certain type of work.  He was basically saying, don't despair, this is the Bali way.  Though we did reinforce to Wayan that we want to be able to get their hearing checked, make sure their hearing aids still work, and they have batteries and generally ok, and the sponsors want to know they will be ok.  We expressed how much we'd really like to go and visit these children.  Wayan understands totally, and he said, we'll keep trying, but do not worry, the children, they will be ok. "Don't worry, be happy".    Wayan knows intimately our thoughts and will keep asking for us to try and trace Pande.

The orphanage does have some contact with Pande, or someone who has contact with him...because we've had news through in October 2012 that Pande is getting married.  In talking to one of his sponsors recently to tell them the news..as she said, "Why wouldn't he, he'd have girls flocking at his feet, he's such a beautiful young guy"  And that he certainly is!

UPDATES:   Any updates we can learn we will post here

  If we do catch up with Pande again we'll be sure to add new photos below.

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