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Date of Birth:  31 December , 1995
From:  Br. Pengawan Sibetan
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Swanjaya is the younger brother of Ni Wayan Bhaktiyanti, also a participant in our Hearing Aid Program.  Both have hearing challenges they live at the Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya orphanage in Karangasem.  We had the privilege of meeting their also deaf Mother in 2011...and are led to believe their father has passed away.

A group of friends decided they would sponsor Swanjaya, at one of Bikabele's Quiz Nights held in Perth, when they saw his photo on their table and that he needed assistance with his hearing.   And so in 2007, Swanjaya joined the first group of children at Karangasem to be tested and fitted with his new hearing aids.

Swanjaya started off, as we knew him, to be a fairly typical little boy who loved playing and messing about with his friends in the orphanage.  Romping around the floor playfighting, jumping into photos, and doing typically boy things.  He had a couple of little close mates and they were happy messing about together, like normal kids, the only difference being he heard no sound and had no speech skills.

He joined the Speech Therapy classes with the other children who were fitted up with their newly sponsored hearing aids, and together with them he worked hard on his speech and to develop his voice.

We introduced Lifeskills Programs, Swanjaya participated, always happy to show us his new skills at Weaving when we visited, and making some lovely little AKTA root weaved pieces, similar to what can be found around Bali : a craft which is common to the Karangasem region in particular.

We also started the Traditional Dance Program for the children, especially those who were one by one being sponsored and receiving the gift of sound, to encourage them to learn their Balinese art of ceremonial dancing.  Again Swanjaya participated eagerly and always enjoyed to put on a demonstration of his new found dancing skills.  And he really became a very good dancer, as did quite a few of the children at Karangasem.  We are pleased to say, they have a lovely dance teacher, who is really very clever and loves to help the children, and they do her very proud.

Swanjaya is always happy to see us visiting.  Over time he has come to understand that one of his personal sponsors was Leanne from Bikabele - he definitely began to realise that there was a strong connection between her and him, and he would pay particular notice of her during visits, carry her bags, and come to her first for hugs, even though he was also most respectful to all Bikabele members.

Then some of his other co-sponsors, Alison, Marko & Gabi, visited the orphanage one day along with Bikabele to meet Swanjaya - and it was explained to him that together they'd helped him, and he so understood.  There was many things going on that particular day, so Alison, Marko and Gabi went off with Swanjaya and the other boys at one stage and played a full-on game of soccer with the boys, and wow, what a sight to behold.  Swanjaya seemed to be protective in a quiet way of Gabi, who, as a young Australian teenage girl of similar age, wasn't shy to run about with the boys and take them on, on the soccer field - but Swanjaya always had an eye out for her and made sure she was ok.  They all had such a fabulous time together.  There were also games of football kicking, frisbee throwing, and other activities, which of course the other children were joining in as well, though Swanjaya had as much fun playing with his new family as they certainly had playing with him and the other children.

Swanjaya is such a respectful, (now) young man... he knows exactly the story, where his main help has come from with his family of sponsors and the Bikabele group - and his appreciation is written all over his face every visit.  He is very much a leader amongst the children in all regards and is just a beautiful young man, that you would be so proud to call your own any day.  The love between Swanjaya and his sponsors is evident to see - it's truly a magical relationship.

You too can experience a support program like this where you have first hand interaction with your child and the other children supported via Bikabele, and know exactly where your hard-earned dollars are going and see the benefits for yourself.  It's really can be a once in a lifetime experience that you will be so glad you've done.

UPDATES:   Will be posted from now on, as available

PHOTOGRAPHS:   We will add to the library below as more photos of Swanjaya become available


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