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Date of Birth:  02 May , 1991
From:  Br. Pengawan Sibetan
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Proudly Sponsored by:  RON & SUE ARTHURS
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Bhaktiyanti is the older sister of Kadek Swanjaya, also at the orphanage, and both hearing impaired. We believe also their mother, who we had the privilege of meeting in 2011, is also deaf.  The children's father we believe has passed away.

Both Bhaktiyanti and Swanjaya were living at the Orphanage when we first visited and were part of the initial four children at this orphanage to join the Hearing Aid Program.  Sponsored by Ron & Sue, Bhaktiyanti was able to be fitted with her new Hearing Aids and hear sound first in 2007.

Being one of the older hearing impaired children at the orphanage to receive hearing aids, you always know thats going to provide it's challenges, in as much as it can take a lot of work for the child to develop their previously ununused voicebox.  However, credit must go out to Pak Agung and the carers at Karangasem, because they have always tried their very best, in even an untrained manner, to try and encourage the children to use their voices.  So this has helped them immensely to progress a little faster than perhaps they may of otherwise.

Bhaktiyanti worked hard and certainly progressed well.  She has also been a very active partipant in the LifeSkills program, producing some beautiful traditional 'weaving' using the AKTA root - which is a traditional craft of the Karangasem area.  This was one of the programs Bikabele introduced early in our involvement at Karangasem, to try and give the children some skills that might one day help them to be able to gain employment in their adult life, but also a means of the orphanage perhaps making a little bit of money. We always like to encourage self-sufficiency.

Dancing was something Bhaktiyanti also took on board, learning the art of traditional ceremonial dancing, and she developed lovely dancing skills and looked to be a little bit of a natural in the traditional dancing, which as you might know, is very important to the Balinese and their Hindu religion.

A very quiet mannered girl (as are many Balinese generally), but prepared to pretty much get involved in anything happening around the orphanage, and help out with the younger children and do her chores as well, Bhaktiyanti was one of the leaders of the children, which is always lovely to see.

In 2011 we learnt that Bhaktiyanti had moved on from the Orphanage, having been employed making candles in a factory in Denpasar.  It was when Bhaktiyanti left that I think it really hit home to Bikabele that eventually all these children will get to an age when they'll need to move on to another life, however, its comforting to know the orphanage will not insist they move out unless they have a good place to go to and can support themselves, or be supported by family.  In Bhaktiyanti's case, we dont believe her mother can provide well for her, so it was pleasing to hear she had herself a good job, and was prepared to go out and give it a try.  And she has remained in that same job we believe.

The orphanage seem to have contact, however, to date they've not been able to tell us exactly where Bhaktiyanti works, so we can go see her for ourselves, however, we keep asking.  It was only in November 2012 after asking again, that Wayan explained to us, this is normal that the parents don't actually know exactly where their son or daughter works, they would normally only understand they have gone to Denpasar (or wherever) to work.   Bhaktiyanti would visit her mother when she could, and hopefully her brother.  I'm sure for certain religious ceremonies she would return to her village to see her family.

Though, all we can say, is she is happy in her work from what we've heard, she continues to work in the same job somewhere in Denpasar, so it sounds like she is doing well.   Bikabele will continue to try and track her down during our visits to Bali.  We'd like to encourage her to get her hearing aids checked, serviced, ears tested, and try and continue with this as long as we are able to.

UPDATES:   Should we receive any news on Bhaktiyanti, we will post it here.



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