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Date of Birth:  09 March , 1996
From:  Br. Desa Subugan, Indonesia
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Proudly Sponsored by:  STROBEL FAMILY
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Born on 9th March 1996, Ni Kadek Andriyani is a delightful young girl resident of Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, in the North East region of Bali known as Karangasem.

Andriyani has been at the Karangasem orphanage as long as Bikabele has been visiting the children there.  Initially she was quite a shy little girl, but as is quite common, once sponsored by the Strobel family, and fitted with her two new hearing aids in 2007, over time she has developed into quite a bubbly, smiling beautiful girl.  You can certainly notice the growth in her confidence with the gift of sound in her life, and all the opportunities that this has opened up to her young life.

Andriyani participates fully in the speech therapy program at the orphanage, and also is an avid dancer in the Traditional Dance classes we've arranged for the children.  In fact, she is quite a lovely dancer, and whenever there is a concert of sorts or a ceremony, you can be sure that Andriyani forms part of the dancing group.  She enjoys her dancing very much, and  you couldn't blame her after many years without hearing music.

Other programs that Bikabele has introduced at the Orphanage are always embraced by Andriyani, she is actively involved in everything she possibly can be, including the latest introduction to Computer Skills classes.  She has a great little attitude on life, and nothing it seems, is now going to hold her back, from what we see, she wants to make every post a winner.  And of course, from Bikabele's perspective we love to see this.

Andriyani's sponsor, Ken went and visited Andriyani in January 2007 and has always had active interest in her growth, and always been a generous supporter of Bikabele in other ways, in particular in the Rice Program, wanting to make sure the children were receiving ample rice, which was really nice.  That program continues even today, ensuring the children have sufficient food and a balanced diet.

It's always lovely to see Andriyani, she is so appreciative to Bikabele and her sponsor, Ken and family, for her better life and all the new opportunities provided to her and her friends.  She is a pleasant, sweet young lady now, always with a wave, a smile and a hug, and we feel very certain with her attitude she will continue to do very well.

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