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Date of Birth:  31 December , 1995
From:  Lombok, Indonesia
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya, Karangasem
Proudly Sponsored by:  COLEMAN GROUP
Sponsors location: Sydney, NSW
Update of your child’s progress
Gusti Bagus Segara Umbara was a resident for quite a number of years at the Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya orphanage home in Karangasem, due to his hearing difficulties.  His parents would of had him attend the orphanage, not only for assistance to try and develop his education due to his deafness, but also in hopes that he might receive some assistance that they could not afford to offer him.

Gusti was sponsored by "The Coleman Group" a large signage company in Sydney, whom some of Bikabele's founders had dealings with over the years through their own business actiivities.
On 1st December 2007 Gusti was fitted with his new hearing aids as a result of this sponsorship, and after all initial tests indicating that hearing aids would definitely benefit him and help him to a better life.

Unfortunately we don't have an exact date of birth for Gusti, other than he was born in 1995.  This is actually not uncommon in Bali, especially when you get out into the outer regions, and what quite often are the poorer families.  Usually the children are born in the village, there is no money to go to hospitals for child birth - this is just their way.  Hence there is no official record of the child's birth necessarily made - no certificate of birth as we know it, and consequently in the way of life that is there, perhaps the date is not remembered by the parents.  We do believe Gusti's parents are still alive, at least one of them, unfortunately we dont have full details, though we are aware he does have family.

Gusti is of quiet nature, most respectful and always showed Bikabele sincere gratitude for the "gift of sound" he was to receive from his sponsors and Bikabele's Hearing Aid Program.  He participated fully in the Speech Therapy that was offered to him through the orphanage and also attended schooling within the orphanage, on site at Karangasem.
He seemed to get along with all the children very well, even though he wasnt perhaps as boistrous and energy charged as some of the boys, but he was still happy to participate in anything that was happening around the home.  He engaged in all activities, including the Traditional Dance lessons and also the LifeSkills Program where the children were taught  weaving which is a very traditional craft for the Karangasem region using the root of the AKTA tree to make little trinket boxes, placemats, and the like, that can be found around Bali for sale.

Gusti was just always a pleasant young lad, never creating any scene or over-excitement, but always 'just there'.  He was quite dedicated in his attitude, whatever was placed in front of him, and this would also include his speech therapy lessons.  He was very much 'the quiet achiever'.  From what we saw of Gusti, he seemed to be quite an intelligent young boy.

However, time came when his family chose to move back to Lombok, for their own personal reasons and of course, they took young Gusti with them.  The family unit in Bali is very very strong, and kept together wherever it's possible.

Even though Bikabele is sad to see Gusti move away, we do know he'll be with his family - and we also fully believe he is now much further advanced having the gift of sound to assist him to learn speech and communication skills, that otherwise he never would of received.  This would of definitely helped in his education, and we are confident he has had a reasonable education to help him along in life.   It might be that he will always remain in his family's village, but this is not a bad thing at all.  We feel sure Gusti will be a worthy contributor to his community and we wish him nothing but the best in life.

The carers at Panti Asuhan Bina Usaha Mulya are well aware of Bikabele's wishes, wherever possible for the children that move on to  "life after the orphanage", they are more than welcome to hearing checks, hearing aid servicing and battery supply if there is an opportunity that they would re-visit the orphanage at any point in time, and this will remain true for Gusti, should ever that happen.  However, given he's not living on another Island, we know the chances are likely to be remote.  We will certainly update this page, should we hear more news of Gusti.

Thank you to the Coleman Group in Sydney for making Gusti's life opportunities so much more brighter - you certainly have given him a helping hand in life and I'm sure he will be forever grateful for your generous support, and put his new learnt skills to the best possible use he can.  We are reasonably confident he will be fine, as indicated above, he is an intelligent young man.

Good luck Gusti from the Coleman Group and all at Bikabele Cares for Kids!

UPDATES:  If we should receive any news on Gusti, we will certainly post it here.


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