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Date of Birth:  15 December , 1994
From:  Semara Pura, Klungkung, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  JOY POTTER
Sponsors location: Bunbury, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
We met Putu Adhitya Widhi Nugraha in August 2006, along with his mother at age 11.   Adhitya was just that little different from the other children, bless his little soul.  He appeared reasonably shy, which was understandable, and not only did he have hearing challenges, he also had mental challenges.
However, once we confirmed to the Orphanage that Adhitya was sponsored, he went through the normal hearing tests and it was agreed that he would receive benefit from wearing Hearing Aids.

His Sponsor, Joy (mother of Bikabele founder, Leanne), when she indicated she'd like to sponsor one of the children, was asked, would you like a boy or girl, her words were "I don't mind, I'll have the child who gets forgotten and no-one else picks". Well Adhitya was never going to be forgotten, in fact, Leanne selected him for her mother's sponsorship, because we fell in love with him from the day we met him, and we were never going to allow for him to be forgotten.  He was just beautiful in his own little special way.

After we met Adhitya and a couple of other young boys in the grounds of the
Klungkung orphanage, we went inside for our usual meeting with Ibu Made, the head carer of the Orphanage.   While these meetings happened, it's common that the children all sit nicely behind a long trestle table down one side of the main meeting room, which is like the children's living area when there are no visitors.  We were in the middle of discussions, when we noticed out the corner of our eye that Adhitya got up from where he was sitting with his Mother and the other children, and broke into a Michael Jackson dance in the middle of the floor for all to see.  Of course, all eyes turned to him, and once he realised everyone was looking, he snuck back into the corner out of view as much as possible.  This happened a couple of times, each time he got a little braver and danced a little longer.  He was quite the little entertainer, and by the little smile he had on his face, he was having the time of his life.  So from this day on, we always referred to him as our little Michael Jackson, and learnt, despite his deafness, he loved the popstar, Michael Jackson, obviously not for the music, but for the dance style.  He took it off extremely well.

The next time we met him, he not only repeated his Michael Jackson performance without notice, but he also showed everyone his love of magic, making things disappear by dropping them down the back of his shorts (only for them to fall straight through to the floor).
He really was quite a character, and despite all his challenges, he just wanted to enjoy himself.

Adhitya (MJ) was fitted with his hearing aids on 20th April 2007 and went through speech therapy with the other children in the normal manner.  A couple of other young boys had their aids fitted on the same day, so they were able to progress through the program together.

Mostly little Michael Jackson was at the orphanage when we visited.  Not always, but on most occassions.  He came to Ungasan, when we invited a bus load of Klungkung children down to dance at an opening ceremony and for a day of fun away from the Orphanage.
And he was also along to the day we had at Tanjung Benoa for all the children from both orphanages, and was taken with the other kids on a speedboat ride around the harbour.  Incidently, this was actually the day the pop star Michael Jackson passed away.

What came next, none of us expected.  We visited the orphanage in April 2010 on one of our routine visits, little Michael Jackson wasn't there that day, but we didn't think anything of it.  Leanne was thinking, she'll ask for him specifically to be at the orphanage in 4 months time when she brings her mother up to meet him.  We'll see him then.  But then, as we were driving back home to the villa, all of a sudden, Wayan, our driver and Bali volunteer, said to us, "Do you know Michael Jackson, he died".  Leanne looked at Wayan, and said "Michael Jackson?" (thinking yes, he died last year).  Wayan said "Yes, little Michael Jackson, Adhitya from Klungkung, he died".
Well, this rocked our world - the conversation past that point, is a bit of a blur.  Yes we knew he had more challenges in life than most of the other children, but we had no idea he was sick to this extent.  We never really did find out exactly what was the illness that was unknown to us.

Sadly, Joy, never got to meet her little sponsor boy, during what was likely to be her one trip to Bali, however, she still took a trip to the orphanages and met the other children.

If you visit the "In Memoriam" page on this
replicas de relojes website, you can watch a short dedication video in memory of Adhitya.

Rest in Peace our little Michael Jackson, sadly missed, never forgotten.

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