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Date of Birth:  04 February , 1998
From:  DSN Satra, Klungkung, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  JUST CRACKERS GROUP
Sponsors location: Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Gde Darmawan (pronounced G'day) born on 4th February 1998 has been sponsored by a group of Australian friends, who all used to work together in a bank in Papua New Guinea back in their earlier years, and who had a reunion in 2007. Upon learning about Bikabele's activities from some in their group, they decided to jointly sponsor a child in the Hearing Aid Program.

As a result, Gde was tested and then subsequently fitted with new hearing aids on 20th April 2007, at the same time as a couple of his little orphanage friends.  Gde does have both parents, though was placed at the orphanage in hopes he could receive some help, which his parents could never afford to offer him and as you can understand, it's difficult for parents to communicate with a deaf child and teach them when they don't know how to approach it.  Fortunately for Bikabele's program, Gde has been offered these opportunities for which his parents are very grateful.

Gde spends a good part of his time at the orphanage, he participates fully in the Speech therapy program, and also received his monthly checkups by our hearing technicians, checking his ears, hearing and testing his hearing aids to ensure they continue to operate effectively, plus supply him with batteries for his devices.

From Bikabele's observations over the many, many times we've met Gde at Klungkung during our visits, we'd have to say he is just a gorgeous young boy.  If his eyes wont melt your heart, we are not sure what will!!!   Gde is reasonably quiet, and he is also a very caring child.  If there is another child at the orphanage who he identifies has more challenges than him himself, Gde is usually by their side making sure they are ok.  He is such a sweet little soul.

He always is happy to see Bikabele founders when we visit, and he'll come tap us on the arm and get his little hug, and will always make sure he says goodbye and receive another hug before we leave.

Gde seem to participate in most programs and activities which are offered to him through the orphanage - however, we don't believe he is one who has taken to the traditional dancing.  He will have been offered to learn, and probably has joined in some classes, but perhaps he's just not a natural dancer, or isn't inclined to progress pass the basics with dancing.  Perhaps he just doesn't like dancing.  He attends school at the orphanage as well 6 days a week, and enjoys playing with the other children.

We will post more specific updates from now on that we receive from our hearing specialists, Lumina, when there is something to note, but it's good to know in the meantime, Gde is in a good place and has many more opportunities offered than what would of been the case had his parents perhaps kept him at home and never of been able to fully communicate with him or educate him.

   Will be posted from now on, as available 
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PHOTOGRAPHS:   We will load more photos below as they become available.

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