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Date of Birth:  01 January , 1999
From:  Denpasar, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  GARRY & JUNE TARDREW
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Dewi Yogi Widianto who we don't have a birthdate for, joined the Hearing Aid Program in 2006 at an age of approximately 8 years old.
We met Dewi in August of 2006, and having a sponsor ready to go, we got him underway with his treatment.

He did receive all tests and was fitted with hearing aids within a few months.

Dewi does have both a mother and father who were living in Padangbai, Karangasem area, not so far from the Orphanage.
However, we never actually saw Dewi again when we visited.   Eventually we learnt his father moved to Denpasar for work and the family moved down there, and it was too far for Dewi to return to the Orphanage.

This is not our ideal result, it's not good for the sponsor of the child, it's not good for the child.  He has hearing aids, and we don't know if he is receiving any follow up ear checks, batteries, maintenance on his hearing aids.  We hope he might be.

Bikabele had to make a call on this one, we'd not experienced this situation previously in our program.  So we decided to allocate another child to the sponsors of Dewi, Garry & June, and we funded the costs from some unallocated funds that we'd raised to pay for the new child to go through the program as Garry & June's child.  We thought that was the fair thing to do, as they do visit Bali and are keen to have contact with 'their child'.

We learnt a lesson with Dewi, we adjusted our program and we now allow a longer period before a child is first introduced to us as being potential for the Hearing Aid Program, before we allow them to join  and allocate sponsorship to them.  We wait and see that they are consistently presenting at the Orphanage or staying there, and when we are comfortable that they are settled in, only 
retro watches copy panerai online then do they have the opportunity to participate.

This may seem a little harsh, however, there is no long-term benefit of a child receiving Hearing Aids that don't have the correct servicing and maintenance, and we also fear without our intervention, the young child wont receive the tuition required to learn to understand sounds correctly and learn to develop their speech.  This ultimately is the intent of the program.  And of course, we like for our sponsors to have the ability to meet their child, should they wish to, or at very least, get some feedback from Bikabele, as to how their child is progressing.

We can only hope that little Dewi is receiving the assistance he deserves.  Given he lives now in Denpasar, at least there are facilities available nearby for his family to take him along to, so we can only hope he receives that opportunity.

UPDATES:   If we learn news of Dewi, we will post here, however, it would seem unlikely now he has moved to Denpasar - but you just never know


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