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Date of Birth:  01 January , 1990
From:  Klungkung, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  VIBES FRANGIPANI FUND
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
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Nengah Rapet, is a young man who grew up in the Orphanage system at Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, and living nearby in his adult years, still visits the orphanage (usually daily) to help with the children and to help Ibu Made, the head carer.

Rapet is hearing impaired.  He is normally at the orphanage everytime Bikabele makes a visit.  When Ian 'Vibes' Murray visited in February 2006, himself a deaf man (born profoundly deaf), some magical things happened between Vibes and all the children and youth at the orphanage who likewise had hearing difficulties.  The communication between them all, was something else to see.  For the orphanage children, to meet another person, from another culture and country, who had the exact same hearing problems as they do, was quite an eye opener to them.

Vibes addressed the children and everyone present, and there wasn't one person in the room who couldn't understand the messages Vibes put across, despite his lack of real speech.  But most of all 
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Rapet and Vibes struck up a special friendship that day, they really got along well.  They exchanged addresses before we departed with Vibes and Rapet was hopeful to keep in contact with his new friend.   Sadly, that was not to be.   We knew Vibes was ill, and sadly, as was expected, Vibes passed away 2 months later.

When Vibes was asked by his brother, Ray as they left in a van from that visit, did he have any specific wishes for the children, Vibes said he'd love to see the older Rapet be sponsored for Hearing Aids, so that he could go through the program, and then help the younger children as they embark on the Hearing Aid Program, support and encourage them, since he spends most his days with them.  He also wanted to see the support continue for the younger hearing-impaired children and 
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This message was put out through family and friends, and the many people who attended this amazing man's funeral put donations forward to be able to sponsor Rapet for the Program, so that Vibes' wish would be fulfilled.  And that's exactly what has happened.

Rapet continues to visit and help with the children on a daily basis.  He is now married (to a deaf lady) and they have a baby.  You can just imagine how the gift of hearing helps in the situation of having a baby in the house also.  Rapet is very genuine in his care for the children of the orphanage, he sees them as his younger brothers and sisters, and understands exactly their situation, having grown up in the same way at the orphanage.  So in effect, noone knows it better than someone like Rapet.
He is always smiling, and forever grateful for the Gift of Sound that he has received, and continuously shows his gratitude to us when we visit.

Thanks to Vibes, and all his family and friends, this young man has the ability to support a young family successfully, and also support his younger brothers and sisters at the orphanage, which it seems, is his main aim in life.  He just loves being there with the children, and you can tell, that'll be the case for a long, long time to come.

UPDATES:   Will be posted from now on, as available

PHOTOGRAPHS:   We will add to this photo library as more photos of Rapet become available


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