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Date of Birth:  18 July , 1986
From:  Bali, Indonesia
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  GODULA HAENLEIN
Sponsors location: Germany
Update of your child’s progress
Ni Kadek Yuliantari, born on 18th July 1986.
Now you might not believe that birth date when you see Yuliantari's photos, taken around 2003 - 2007.

We are not sure of Yuliantari's full condition, however, by appearance, she seems to be so much younger than her age indicates.
Bikabele met Yuliantari on our very first visit to the Klungkung orphanage in 2003, and we were very wrong when we thought she was only about 5 or 6 years old.  She was actually 17 years old at the time.   Regardless, she absolutely melted our heart though, and nothing changes that, she was just gorgeous.  One of our very fond memories of that first visit was Yuliantari, and another very young girl, who when we gave them each a doll, they were not going to let it go 
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Godula from Germany is the lovely lady who sponosored Yuliantari in  2006 for the Hearing Aid Program. Her aids were fitted for her on 15th July, along with Dodik who was sponsored also by the very generous Godula.

Yuliantari participated in regular speech therapy lessons after the fitting of her hearing aids.  She resided at the orphanage at the time, and also attended the Orphanage school classes.  She was quite a shy, timid girl, who liked to remain in the background a little.  Though she was still a lovely girl.

Unfortunately due to her age, Yuliantari eventually had to leave the Orphanage.  Normally this will only happen though if the child has a some place safe to go, and will be looked after.  The Orphanages will not put the children out on the street or anything like this, they must have a good place to go to.  I expect Yuliantari probably returned to her father's care.

We do ask the orphanages to try and keep track of any Hearing Aid Program kids who do have to move on, in order that they can still get regular hearing checks, and batteries for their hearing aids.  We think this is still important for them to have and are very happy to fund this.  We want these kids to be able to go out and get themselves a job and support themselves, that's our long term aim.   However, in Yuliantari's case, we are not aware that this has happened.  We will keep asking, and stressing the importance of this to the orphanage carers.

All we can hope for in Yuliantari's situation is, that she has really benefitted from her hearing aids, and is able to speak sufficient words to be able to communicate - we feel sure she wouldn't of left the orphanage until this was the case.

Thank you Godula for your assistance to Yuliantari, we are certain she is so much better 
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UPDATES:  Unfortunately it's unlikely we will be able to post further updates on Yuliantari, although we will leave the option open, just in case we learn something of her along the way


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