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Date of Birth:  15 August , 1995
From:  Kamasan, Indonesia
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  GODULA HAENLEIN
Sponsors location: Germany
Update of your child’s progress
Wayan Dodik Agus (Dodik) born 15th August 1995, was fitted for his hearing aids exactly one month before he turned 11 years old.

Dodik is of quiet and very respectful nature.  He is a lovely boy, similar to like you'd wish for your own son to be really.  He is very happy to join in with anything which is going on and has some great 'best friends', and from what we witness, probably his best friend being Putu Yoga Marta.  They always seems to 'hang together' when we are visiting.  They are of similar age, and they joined the Hearing Aid Program within months of each other, so I'm sure they support each other as friends do, very well.

The sponsor of Dodik in the Hearing Aid Program, is a lovely lady from Germany, Godula.  She herself hasn't visited the children, although  her daughter has visited at least twice that we can recall.  Godula has actually sponsored 2 children in the Program, which is indeed very generous, and gives ongoing support for which we are very appreciative.  Bikabele founders were fortunate enough to meet Godula when she visited her daughter here in Australia back in 2007, and we were able to give her a couple of drawings by her children at the time, which was nice.  At the time, we had Ketut over from Bali so they also were able to meet each other, which worked out perfectly.

It's very unusual that when we visit that Dodik wouldn't be at the Klungkung orphanage.  He is defnitely one of the children who spends a vast majority of his time there.  His father's name is listed on the records which we have a copy of, and his family village is not so very far from the orphanage.  So we are confident he would have some regular contact with his father, whether that be school break time in July or major Hindu ceremonies, it is likely Dodik would return to his village at those times.

It's always lovely to see Dodik, he is just a level-headed, nice young lad who shows a lot of respect and appreciation when we visit.

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