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Date of Birth:  15 October , 1997
From:  Br. Bencingah,Kusamba, Indonesia
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  NOEL & LYN DEVER and MARTIN & NICOLE WOODS
Sponsors location: Queensland, Australia, and United Kingdom
Update of your child’s progress
Putu Erna, born 15th October 1997, what a beautiful happy girl she is.

Erna was 8 years old in 2006, when she was welcomed into our Hearing Aid Program through the generosity of her sponsors, Noel, Lyn, Martin and Nicole. And she hasn't taken a step backwards since.

Erna was at the orphanage the very first day we visited in 2003, she has always been a happy little girl, even without hearing, her face could light up just like a christmas tree.  I love the long fringe of Erna. It's a little bit of an Erna statement I think....I can't hear, so why should I be able to see through my long hair!! haha.  Well that's my take on it...but it gives her character.

She is always a very willing participant in all activities that are going on around her, whether that be Art and Craft, Dancing or her Speech Therapy classes. Putu Erna is actually quite a nice little dancer.   It's very rare that we visit the orphanage and Erna wouldn't be there, so that tells us she spends the vast majority of her time living at the orphanage.  Her records show she has a father, sadly there is no mother listed.  Her family's village of Kusamba, is probably around 20 minutes from the orphanage, so we are sure she gets the opportunity to visit her home reasonably regularly, especially for Hindu ceremonies that might be on.  Often, if the children are able, they will return to their family village for the main ceremonies held, as they hold high importance in daily life of the Hindu Balinese.

Erna is well liked by her peers
tag heuer replica and is always up for a bit of fun.  She has progressed well with her speech therapy, working hard to perfect her speech, and cares well for her Hearing Aids and respects the gift of sound she has been afforded by her sponsors.  We know if her sponsors were able to visit, they'd be very proud of the young lady she has grown into and fall in love with her and her infectious smile.

We will post updates as received from hereon in, when Lumina visits to do the hearing/aids checks, and when Bikabele visits the children.  Also a history of photos will be uploaded very soon, and then as we receive reports or photos they will be added to this page so you can follow Erna's progress.

UPDATES:   Will be posted from now on, as available

PHOTOGRAPHS:   We will load many photos by 1st January 2013, then update as more are available

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