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Date of Birth:  11 January , 1991
From:  Kusamba, Dawan, Klungkung, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Sponsors location: Brisbane, Queensland
Update of your child’s progress
Agus Maulana Asari has been in attendance at the Semara Putra orphanage in Klungkung since we first started visiting and whilst he was fairly quiet when we first met him, he has absolutely blossomed since wearing hearing aids and is just a delight.  He always has a lovely big smile on his face and is always excited to see us, and is usually one of the first to come and greet us and give us a hug or shake hands on arrival.

It's easy to tell that Agus is one who tries very hard at anything he is asked to do  That includes the hearing aid program, he works hard on his speech and it's always with a big smile on his face. As with a lot of the children who were that little bit older when they received hearing aids and started speech therapy, it's been a long road - just to develop their voicebox was a big ask and a lot of work was needed.  Agus works and works on his speech, he is very determined and we are sure he is one who will do 
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Born on 11th January 1991, Agus (at time of writing this) is 21, (wow, even we didn't realise that)!  It is a bit hard to think of him being that age, without hearing and speech for the first 15 years of his life, it is to be expected that it was rather difficult for Agus to keep up with development of normal hearing peers when there is no assistance on offer.  We hope, and are very confident, that Agus has so many more opportunities in life now, than he otherwise might of had.  He certainly wont give up trying to develop and learn - out of all the Klungkung kids, he is probably the one who tries the hardest at everything he does.  And his hard work is paying off.  Well done Agus, we are very proud of you.  Keep smiling!

It is our understanding Agus still has his father, and we believe he lives in Kusumba which is probably about 15kms or so from the orphanage.  Agus spends the larger percentage of his time living at the orphanage, where he can receive education and assistance with his hearing and speech, and other skills through programs that are run at the orphanage.  However, there would be times he would return to his village to his father we are sure.

The above gives a little bit of insight into Agus as we've come to know him. 
We will provide details of Lumina's updates when they do their regular visits to the orphanage to check ears / hearing aids etc and report to us from now on..., we will also add a history of photos in the next couple of weeks, and update those also as we are able.

UPDATES:  To be provided from 1st January 2013 
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PHOTOGRAPHS:  More will be added as and when they become available

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