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Date of Birth:  31 December , 1995
From:  Akah, Indonesia
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  SHAW / MURRAY FAMILIES & FRIENDS
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Putu Marta Yoga, or Yoga as we call him, was sponsored by the Shaw & Murray families in 2006 at an 80th birthday function where family and friends celebrated.  In lieu of gifts they chose to sponsor a child in the Hearing Aid Program.  Bev, who is the daughter in the Murray family is one of the founders of Bikabele Cares for Kids.  Her brother, Ian (Vibes) was born profoundly deaf - so you can well understand the significance of sponsoring a young child in the 

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Yoga is just a lovely young man.  Fairly quiet by nature although he still readily joins in on activities around the orphanage, and is popular amongst his peers.  He is listed in the Orphanage records as being deaf and also some form of mental illness.  This surprises us, as Yoga to us, seems perfectly normal except for his hearing challenges.  There is no listed birth date for Yoga, though, this is not uncommon in Bali.  We believe he was born in late 1995 or early 1996 - for the sake of the website we've entered 31st December 1995, however, this is a default date only, so please be aware.

Hearing Aids were fitted at ABDI Hearing Solutions Centre in Denpasar for Yoga on 8th April 2006, and since that time he has been astute in wearing his hearing aids, caring for them and undertaking speech therapy.  He comes across as being a very responsible young man, which he now is.

Yoga is very regular in attendance at the Klungkung based orphanage, he spends most of his time there, although his parents are listed as living not too far from the Orphanage, so he is certain to go home to his family when there are important Hindu ceremonies on, or school holidays.   The Hindu faith is extremely strong, and generally those children who can, and who do have family, will return to their villages for 
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Most visits we've made to Semara Putra in Klungkung, Yoga has been in attendance, which is a strong indicator to us that he is participating fully in the ongoing speech therapy and education / school classes at the orphanage, plus participating in the other programs that we have running at the orphanage.

Yoga has grown up at the orphanage and had his hearing aids fitted at similar time to with another boy of similar age, Dodik, who is also in our Hearing program, and they seem to be the best of mates.  But as with all the children, they are all close and look out for each other and care for the younger ones.

We will update this page further as we receive information through on Yoga's progress, however, for all intensive purposes we are thrilled with his progress to date, and his attitude within the program.  He's a fine young man and the Shaw and Murray families should be very proud of him.  We are!

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