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Date of Birth:  29 August , 1993
From:  Dsn. Sedihing, Nusa Penida, Bali
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  THE CLUNE FAMILY
Sponsors location: Bali
Update of your child’s progress
Komang Sadewi was one of three girls selected to participate in our initial trial to see if we could be successful at setting up the intended hearing aid program.  Fortunately the answer was yes, we could, and the list of children on this website demonstrates.

Komang at the time, in 2005,  was one of the older deaf girls at age 12, in the orphanage.  In this regard, it was important at her age, if she was to benefit from the program she got help sooner than later.  Her voicebox had never been used and developing the voicebox to work after so many years of silence was inevitably going to take quite some time.

Komang embraced the Hearing Aid Program and became very much the "Mother" of the hearing aid children.  Yes, it has been a long hard road with her voice, but she continues to try her very best always, and she sets a wonderful example to the other younger children who are afforded the same opportunity as her in the program. 

She has developed into a very vibrant, cheerful young lady, always with a beaming smile across her face.  Komang has really found her own self in the world with sound and has progressed well.  She seems to be a very intelligent young lady, and we believe she will embrace life post-orphanage head-on, thanks to some meaningful assistance along the way with 
prominent watches copy jaeger-lecoultre her hearing.  Komang has always been a helpful girl around the orphanage and a good leader to the younger children.

Sponsors, Mark & Ratna have always taken an active interest in Komang's progress, asking everytime we see them, how she is doing, and genuinely wanting to know.  Given they reside in Bali, they have paid quite a few visits along to Klungkung with us, to see Komang and the other kids, but in particular to see how Komang was getting along.  You can always see a sense of pride on Mark's face when he sees Komang, or when he even speaks of her.  Mark was very quick to offer to be one of the sponsors of a child, when we first suggested we might embark on a Hearing Aid Program trial, he was very supportive of us doing this, and quick to offer his sponsorship to help in getting the program off and running.  We have always been appreciative of this, and all his various other support he has offered Bikabele Cares for Kids in many of our endeavours over the years.  Including offering building maintenance assistance, inviting the children to places they'd otherwise not visit, spoiling all the children to speedboat rides on his boat, and other things.  They have attended Ceremonies with us and really given all the support possible to Bikabele and the children for which we are grateful.

In October 2012, during a visit by Bikabele, we were advised that Komang has moved on from Orphanage life.  She has now left to start working. We are trying to source details of where she is working or what exactly type of work Komang is doing. 

We are very sad to see Komang leave, but unfortunately (for us) this is an inevitable stage all the children will one day reach.  I'm sure the children and carers at Semara Putra were sad to see her move on.  She has been a constant face at the orphanage for as many years as we have been visiting.

We will be doing our best to try and track where Komang is at, for our sake and also to her sponsors, who we know very well, would love to know how she is doing.  Bikabele would hope we can arrange for her to continue receiving ear checks, hearing aid checks etc so that she doesn't lose the gift she was so generously afforded back in 2005 through Mark & Ratna's generosity.
Let's hope we can cross paths with Komang regularly and know that 
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Best wishes Komang, stay safe




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