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Date of Birth:  20 February , 1993
From:  Tangglad, Nusa Penida
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  BILL & KAY KERNS, LEANNE POTTER
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
Suliyah joined the Hearing Aid Program at age 12, as part of the initial Trial program we ran, to ensure we could be successful at helping the deaf children at Panti Asuhan Semara Putra (Orphanage) in Klungkung in 2005.

Suliyah, Komang and a younger Mila all embraced the program admirably, given they would of had no idea what these Australians were doing dragging them off to Hearing specialists and hospitals for tests and treatment, and there were a few challenges in that initial period, though all 3 of the girls stayed with it thankfully, and set the precedence for many more children to come, and are the leaders and encouragers for other 
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Suliyah has blossomed into a gorgeous young lady.  Being that 3 of the Bikabele founders, personally sponsored Suliyah in the program, and Suliyah realises this, she is particularly close to us, and always open for lots of hugs and photos with us every visit, and not going far from our sides during our visits.  She seems to look up to Bill as perhaps a bit of a father figure.

That was all wonderful until the day that we turned up at the Klungkung orphanage to see the children on one of our regular visits, and Bill was supporting a beard from a few months of ocean sailing.  Well, Suliyah just did not want to know about the beard, or this person who came attached to the beard!!  I'm not having my photo taken with you or hugging you, was the very clear message Suliyah put out there.
Of course, Bill couldn't wait to visit 3 months later, cleanly shaven to see if he could be accepted back into Suliyah's life.  Of course, he was, in a heartbeat.  Suliyah was thrilled to have a new best friend, again!

Suliyah is joined at the orphanage by her younger brother, Nyoman Semara Jaya.  He is also hearing impaired and is separately sponsored and participates in the 
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Founded 8 August, 2003 Bikabele Cares for Kids Inc. A registered non-profit Community based Charity Organisation.
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