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Date of Birth:  16 June , 1996
From:  Tangkas, KlungKung, Bali,
Orphanage:  Panti Asuhan Semara Putra, Klungkung
Proudly Sponsored by:  ANN SARGEANT
Sponsors location: Perth, Western Australia
Update of your child’s progress
"Mila" was one of three children selected to participate in our original "Trial Hearing Aid Program" back in September 2005. She was a frightened little girl, who, no matter how we tried, we could not get her to smile.  More often than not she was actually upset and we think quite frightened in her little silent world 
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After passing all the necessary audio testing and being identified that Hearing Aids would be of benefit, in November 2005, Mila Yulianti heard sound for the first time.

Bikabele members were fortunate to be in Bali and, we were invited by Narno (Audiologist) into  the sound booth when Mila was fitted with her Hearing Aids, and heard those first sounds.  We witnessed the instant delight on her face and her clapping of hands at her first sounds through her new aids.  It was a very memorable moment.

After receiving hearing aids, Mila instantly became a normal little girl, smiling, some quite cheeky smiles even, and very proud of her new ability to hear sounds.  She is now a blossoming teenager who has come out of her shell so much and beams confidence.  Mila loves seeing us when we visit, and has become very close to us, knowing without the help of the Bikabele Hearing Aid Program, her future was something a lot more daunting than it now is.  She really is quite the typical teenager now. 

Mila still continues with regular speech therapy classes at the Klungkung orphanage through the teachers who attend there to focus on the children's verbal skills.

Mila participates in the Traditional Dance classes we run at Panti Asuhan Semara Putra in Klungkung and enjoys to dance.  She is maybe not the most co-ordinated of the dancers, but she certainly tries hard, and she is always pleased to show us her efforts when we are visiting and there is an occassion for dancing, which is normally some form of ceremony being held.

She is the most beautiful girl, now full of smiles, now wanting her photo taken, and now wanting to give us big hugs, she is so full of love and we, and her sponsor, Ann, are thrilled the Hearing Aid Program has helped her in so many ways.

When we visited in June 2012, one of our Bali Bears, Ketut was able to hold quite a normal conversation with Mila, asking her questions,  and she was able to converse with him through speech in Bahasa Indonesian language.  This happened behind us, and we were fortunate to turn around to witness it.  Another beautiful 
elaborate watches replica breitling superocean heritage moment, and Mila was just chuffed we saw her in conversation with Ketut.  She is a very proud young girl.  And she should be.  We are very proud of her and her progress.



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