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Audiology Centre
Location:  Karangasem Regional Hospital, Bali, Indonesia

Project Cost : AUD$20,000 to $25,000

Since the establishment of our signature Hearing Aid Program (HAP) in 2005 we have become acutely aware of the fact that outside of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, there are virtually no facilities that cater for the testing of children, or adults, with hearing problems and for undertaking early intervention.

Studies have shown that whilst there is no higher incidence of deafness at birth in the Asian region compared with countries like Australia, it is the 
  fact that ear infections, especially in babies and toddlers, go mainly undetected, especially in rural areas, and leads to permanent hearing loss.  By the time parents, guardians or carers in these regional areas realise that a child is not hearing it is firstly too late, and secondly, impossible for them to find or afford specialist help.

Whilst our Hearing Aid Program is having a major positive impact on the orphan and disadvantaged children at the Karangasem and Klungkung orphanages, we are still limited as to the precise 
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Having consulted with Hearing Specialists both here in Australia and in Bali, we became convinced that helping to fund the establishment off a fully resourced Audiology Centre in the Karangasem Regional Hospital in Eastern Bali, the largest hospital outside of Denpasar, would go a long way to helping the whole region gain access to testing, treatment and education on the whole question of hearing loss, early intervention and management.

In recent times we have formed a close working relationship with ‘Lumina’, an Audiology group which has been established in Bali by a Canadian enterprise that shares many of our ideals in the helping the disadvantaged hearing impaired children of the region.
Local ‘Lumina’ personnel, some who themselves have had their own hearing challenges, now carry out monthly visits to both the orphanages on our behalf to carry out the regular testing, upgrading and maintenance of the hearing aids we supply as part of our Hearing Aid Program and have proved to be wonderful dedicated and diligent participants in our endeavours.

It was logical therefore, that when Vikki and Nick, the ‘Lumina’ luminaries, approached us about a joint fundraising venture to establish a regional Audiology Center in Bali, we saw immediately the lasting benefits for the wider Balinese community such a facility would provide and therefore, pledged our support and began a special fundraising drive.


•    To give ready access to a large region of Bali to specialist 
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•    To assist the ongoing assessments and treatment of children in the  Bikabele Hearing Aid Program at both the Karangasem and Klungkung orphanages to help cater for the children as they become independent adults and join the wider community.
•    To facilitate the training of new Audiologists and assistants, including those selected from the deaf community, with a special focus on orphanage children proving suitable and willing to becoming trainees. (A worthwhile objective in itself.)
•    To help formulate Education Programs and written material to better inform the wider village communities about early detection of ear infections and deafness.
•    To instigate sustainable early intervention programs.
•    To help more of the wider community to obtain Hearing Aids and treatment.

The building of this facility within the Karangasem Regional Hospital is now well underway with joint fundraising so far going a long way to cover the actual building costs.
The main challenge now is to raise the funds to provide and install the necessary Audiology Equipment and train Doctors and support staff within the 
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We thank everyone sincerely for their support.  With your valuable support we are happy to advise that this project has been fully funded and completed, and is now operational.  

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